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A Cell Phone Destroyed My Nervous System & Health

Name: Leesa Heffler

Location: Australia

On 17th June 2009 I spoke on a NOKIA 6120 mobile phone for the duration of the battery life as part of my job as a Project Engineer, while working for the Road and Traffic Authority of New South Wales (RTA).

Previous to this period of working for the RTA, for many years I had only used my personal mobile phone, which was one I had purchased while living in Switzerland (when I was a student there). For years, I infrequently spoke on my Swiss mobile phone and never for long periods of time. But I regularly used it for texting my friends.

On the 17th June 2009, I started to feel unwell during all the phone calls I made on the NOKIA 6120.

It’s difficult to describe the initial symptoms towards the end of those phone calls which occurred over an approximately 2 hour period. But it was like I felt a loss of energy in my whole body.

Then about half an hour after I finished speaking on the NOKIA 6120, I started to feel that my brain was being squeezed and my vision was being affected. I also had some difficulty breathing.

That night, I was feeling very dizzy, I had terrible visual disturbance, continued to feel that there was a pressure inside my head, and I had terrible head pains, especially at the front of my head, as well as a feeling of numbness at the back part of my brain.

The next morning I woke up with terribly loud ringing in my ears and horrendous dizziness, visual disturbance, nausea, confusion, pressure in my head, head pains, brain numbness, generalised body weakness etc.

I could describe some of my sensations as being a combination of feeling very drunk and feeling sea sick on a boat at sea in rough seas.

I had trouble driving the car safely as I felt very disorientated. I could not sense motion in the car. I had trouble putting together and speaking coherent sentences.

I went to the hospital over the weekend and the ER doctor sent me away saying that it was just a migraine. The next Monday I went to another doctor and he ordered me a CT scan of my brain. It showed brain swelling and what they thought was a pineal cyst.

After the CT brain scan, the symptoms got even worse. The doctor wanted to do another CT brain scan with contrast immediately after the first one but I refused due to the worsening of my symptoms with the first CT brain scan.

The doctor sent me straight to the John Hunter Hospital where I was admitted and remained for about 6 days. A few days after I was admitted to hospital the doctor ordered an MRI of my brain. By then the swelling had gone down as it was not evident on the follow up structural MRI. The doctor was unsure as to the cause of my symptoms.

I told them I thought it was from the mobile phone radiation and they said they hadn’t seen anybody experience this before. Finally I left the hospital when there was nothing more they could do for me.

After I left hospital, I continued to suffer debilitating symptoms of dizziness, extreme tiredness and extreme fatigue, constant disabling nausea, chronic head pains, brain numbness, memory loss, confusion, generalised body weakness, difficulty putting together and speaking coherent sentences etc.

Just taking a shower was extremely difficult because of the mental effort and physical effort required (with these symptoms) to get my clothes out of the wardrobe and physically take a shower.

I could no longer work with this degree of disability and my parents drove down and collected me from Newcastle and brought me back to live with them on their rural property in Queensland.

In Queensland, I persuaded another doctor to order another structural MRI of my brain but I realised after that MRI that my symptoms became even worse.

The brain MRI scan showed no structural damage. I’ve since learnt that functional damage does not show up on a structural MRI.

By the time I realised that structural MRIs were futile in revealing my brain and body dysfunction, I no longer wished to submit my brain to any further MRI microwave radiation anyway.

I was desperate to understand what had happened and how to help myself, but no doctor I went to could help me and often when I went to see male doctors, they’d just say my symptoms were psychological.

I’d explain that I have a first class honours degree in Civil Engineering from the Queensland University of Technology and a Masters by Research in Structural Engineering in a very difficult subject from the University of Newcastle and I had travelled the world studying.

I was not crazy, I had just become very sick and disabled due to the radiation exposure I’d had from the mobile phone.

A couple of doctors diagnosed me with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities.

It’s true that these medical diagnosis, as well as “Electromagnetically Hypersensitive”, described my constellation of symptoms.

For the first year after I came to live with my parents, I got sicker. I had uncontrollable chronic migraines 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

As well, I had severe fatigue, chronic, uncontrollable nausea, memory loss, dizziness, visual disturbance, brain numbness, generalised body weakness and muscle tightness. I also became highly, highly chemically sensitive to everything in my environment.

The breathing difficulties continued. I also struggled to do simple tasks like read due to the visual disturbance, brain/physical fatigue and generalised brain dysfunction issues I had.

All medications doctors would try to prescribe me only made me sicker and more sleepy. I could not drive my car anywhere and rarely ventured away from the property.

Mum became my carer. Obviously I would not allow a mobile phone, cordless phone, microwave, wifi etc near my body. I was terrified of them and their effects on me.

To this day, if I go near a cordless phone, my brain feels like it’s been electrically shocked, and I feel disorientated and my brain becomes more numb. If I’m exposed to too much mobile phone tower radiation, I feel like my whole nervous system is burning and my brain feels more numb, and the nausea and headaches increase.

After a year of living with my parents, I moved into their granny flat. I radically changed my diet to eliminate all oils, salt, processed foods and animal products.

Lucky for me, we do not get mobile telephone service here and the microwave radiation levels on the property are very low.

I had to eliminate all chemicals from my food, water and living environment. I also had to buy an air purifier for the flat and change all my clothing to natural fibres to try to deal with the breathing issues.

I found that I had to also eliminate plastics and metals from coming into contact with my food. Plastic and metal contamination of my food and water would trigger chronic migraines. Even eating certain certified organic fruits and vegetables would leave me with a terrible migraine and increased nausea. I learnt the hard way that “certified organic” does not mean chemical free.

After a number of years of living in this low toxic environment, my eyesight improved, as did my memory. The dizziness also reduced as did the sensation of brain numbness that I felt.

I attribute these improvements to rarely being exposed to radiation from mobile phone towers, wifi, cordless phones, mobile phones etc; and my chemical free diet and living environment.

But still I was plagued with chronic, disabling fatigue, easily triggered chronic migraines, muscle tightness and uncontrollable, daily nausea which in combination, made activities of daily living very difficult.

For this reason, I have rarely ventured away from the property in these last 7.5 years.

Now 7.5 years later, at the end of 2016, I am still highly, highly sensitive to the radiation from mobile phones, cordless phones, mobile phone towers, wifi, microwaves etc. From just a small exposure to any of these things, I become extremely nauseated and my brain feels more numb again, with increased incidents of migraines, nausea and a fatigue which makes it difficult to perform activities of daily living, let alone anything else.

I bought some special shielding material which contains metal in it to protect my brain from the radiation when I have to go into town but it doesn’t help much. I still feel worse after I’ve been into the local country town for about 2 hours. And unfortunately, due to the permanent damage I believe my nervous system and body has sustained from that 2009 mobile phone “over-exposure”, removing myself from radiation exposure doesn’t eliminate these neurological symptoms immediately or even after a few hours.

I am left with feeling increased nausea, fatigue, brain numbness, and even sometimes with bouts of vomiting after these exposures for many weeks afterwards. Never, ever in these last 7.5 years, have I felt that I’ve gotten back to my “pre-17th June 2009 mobile phone exposure” level of wellness. If nothing else, nausea, fatigue and muscle tightness are constant companions plaguing my body.

I have to avoid larger populated areas because of all of the mobile phone towers everywhere. These days, when I’m exposed to mobile phone radiation towers, wifi etc, not only do I become more nauseated, fatigued and headachy, but my sensitivity to foods also increases, and I can’t even eat fruit or a green smoothie without becoming sicker.

I wondered for a long time how this could be, but from the research done by Professor Leif Salford and my personal experience, I believe that not only does the blood brain barrier become more “leaky” when exposed to microwave radiation, so does the whole body – including my spinal cord and digestive system.

I believe that microwave radiation increases generalised permeability in the body and that allows undigested foods to more easily be absorbed by nerve and other tissue that would not normally be exposed if the blood brain barrier and gut lining were intact.

My parents have their house under contract at the moment and the place they are considering moving to will not be safe for me to live as there are 5 mobile phone towers within a 1.3 km radius of that house, and many more within several kilometres of the house.

Finding a safe place to reside away from mobile phone towers is a living nightmare for me to deal with given that I have limited financial funds due to dwindling savings, and an inability to work due to this radiation induced illness.

I’m wondering if it’s possible to somehow shield myself at the new house using aluminium and aluminium fly screen mesh or some physical shield. I fear the radiation levels will be too high for me to reduce to a safe level with these means. Because for me, very close to zero environmental microwave radiation is the only safe level.

I have to figure out how to grossly reduce my exposure to this ridiculously high level of microwave radiation while also having to deal with daily chronic fatigue, nausea and body pain, as well as the chemical sensitivities.

This predicament I find myself in is just devastating when you consider how much time, money, effort and sacrifice I put into obtaining a first class honours and a master’s degree in engineering.

From an approximately two hour exposure on that NOKIA 6120 on the 17th June 2009, I’ve gone from being a productive member of society, to having a life that is just honestly not worth living. I live now only to suffer, and to try as best I can to reduce my suffering, with all the health, financial and environmental limitations that I now have to deal with.

The level of microwave radiation allowed here in Australia is not safe. I and many other people whose health has been adversely affected by unsafe levels of microwave radiation here in Australia are the evidence for this.

I know me and others have contacted ARPANSA to complain of microwave radiation induced illness and ARPANSA’s catch phrase is that “there is not enough evidence” to reduce the levels of microwave radiation they allow here in Australia. That is what I was lead to believe by ARPANSA until I became the evidence.

(Editor's note: ARPANSA is the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency, which is the "Australian Government's primary authority on radiation protection and nuclear safety")

ARPANSA's website:


  1. Dear Leesa-I'm very sad foryou.
    I too am EHS but not had it quite as bad as you.
    Many many similar symptoms and at one point thought I was dying which lasted about 10 days.
    Wishing you all the best
    Love Lynn-Northern Ireland xx

  2. I can absolutely identify with Leesa's situation. I too have been dealing with similar symptoms, though not as extreme as Leesa's. The vertigo & nausea, difficulty concentrating, spiking blood pressure, heart arrhythmia, and more can be debilitating. I can only find relief by being in a place free of radio frequencies and AC electrical fields. God help us.

  3. I am so sorry to hear of your suffering and can affirm your symptoms are very real. I am a mental health care provider and was fortunate when I first experienced symptoms six years ago to have an MD who was familiar with EHS and immediately diagnosed me after I began having some of the same reaction as you to cell phones and electronic devices. That said, it doesn't make it go away. I live in New York City so life is VERY complicated and a balance between avoidance and unavoidable exposure. I had to leave my job and work on my own which fortunately I can do.

    I also agree with you about the leakiness. Through diet and minimizing exposure I have found some relief. The moment I eat something with gluten, a nightshade or sugar I am achy all over for days so I do my utmost to follow the Autoimmune Protocol Diet (AIP). No plastics, chemicals, etc. and it is a delicate balance.

    All the best to you in finding a safe place. It is my dream when my youngest graduates high school to leave New York and move to the country and hopefully start a safe living place for others to come stay - I would love to be able to offer some work/live options for those on limited incomes where they can help out in exchange for housing. A couple years ago I saw an old 1950's cabin campground in a remote location with 18 small electric-free cabins that would have been ideal. It is 8 years away and I hope I can last that long but in the mean time keep hope alive.

    1. hi elizabeth. thank you for reading my story and for your thoughtful response. i do not know how you live in new york city with EHS. wow, that sounds amazing ... that place you found with those cabins. even with alot of money, it's very difficult to find a safe place to live here in australia as cell towers are like a rapidly spreading cancer covering the country. i wish i never left switzerland - but the opportunities i once had there no longer exist. i heard one lady say that while living in england, she is so constantly sick from the towers etc that she can't work, but when they go on holidays to italy, she can live almost normally because allowable radiation levels are so much lower there. i dream of a day when we will be able to walk free again in our own countries. (countries where the radiation levels are so ridiculously and dangerously high (like Australia, USA, Canada and England)). the corrupt politicians, telecommunications industry officials and scientists who push and impose these unsafe microwave radiation limits belong in jail for the rest of their lives. i wish you strength to endure your suffering. sincerely, leesa

  4. look what I wrote about the nokia.
    Just to tell you, how high the radiation of an old nokia cellphone is, when you are talking on the phone.
    (it does not radiate all the time, because it has no internet, but if you talk... and if it is ringing... you fall from your seat, if you are EHS)
    So, my landlord lives above my aptm. they have no DECT, which is great, and no wifi system.. which is wonderful.
    I live here since may, and have 0.0005 mW m2 (RF= Radiofrequency)
    this is nothing. wonderful. And most of the times it stays like this.
    Only in times, the landlord speak with his old cellphone, then I feel it immediatly, even he lives above me.
    When I take my meter, to make a measure, like before 15 minutes, it goes up to 0.0600 mWm2. Can you believe this?
    Thanks G-d that he doesnot speak very often.
    most of the time, his wife is talking on her smartphone, which I dont measure, the radiation does not come to me. Thanks G-d.
    What do I do, when the landlord talks?
    I flee to the room which is on the other side. There I feel and measure no radiation, when he talks above my kitchen.
    Thanks G-d this is maximum 10 minutes.
    Do you see, how big is the influence of the neighbours?
    Do you see, how your small piese of luck depends on others?

  5. I really do sympathise with this. I suffer from many of these symptoms and have found doctors and the health service to be of no help. It's ruined my life and the people who claim to protect public health just don't care about any of us.

  6. I feel for you Leesa. My symptoms have been very very similar to yours. I have Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue as well as Hashimotos which I did manage to reverse but which has flared again. I had all the breathlessness too, lumps all through my lymph nodes that still swell when I'm exposed to mobile phones. I get the disorientation and headaches too. My partner massages the lumps out while I scream into a pillow and it helps me to recover quicker. I have gotten a lot better lately, mostly due to avoidance, going gluten/casein free and most of all because I walk barefoot almost every day for at least 30 minutes to ground. I agree with the leaky brain and I'm sure it all goes back to leaky gut. I got a lot better after clearing a severe H.Pylori infection and I think anyone who has EHS should be tested for this stomach bug as 50-75% of the population has it and its the number one cause of gut permeability which weakens our cellular defences all through the body. I'm not sure if Bruce Evans refuge is still running in South Australia but maybe you could email him about his list of refuges for those with EHS. I'm in Sydney and don't know of anything here. You can find Bruce here:

    1. hi debra. thanks for taking the time to comment. i have been tested for H pylori previously but i am going to ask my doctor to test me again for that when i see her on monday. i was just wondering how you got rid of H pylori if you're chemically sensitive? i've read the treatment is alot of antibiotics and other medications. unfortunately all medications i've tried to take in the past make me extremely sick - with stomach pains and nausea etc. it's just horrible. also, what was the test you had in the first place to test for it? i've seen that there are several ways to test for it. i'm not sure which is the most accurate? thanks so much for your time in advance. leesa

    2. Hi Anonymous! Take mastic gum, many have had success with this. sell a good one. You may need to take it for two/ three months depending on how entrenched it is. 1 three times a day.

  7. Hi Leesa. I had a breath test done as they said this was the most reliable and accurate test. I convinced my Dr to let me try natural methods and took Mastic Gum for 3 weeks intense therapy. It was too much for me and caused me a lot of digestive issues and Diverticulitis. I should've just done the 2 month treatment with it. I only managed to reduce the readings by 1000 too. I had no choice but to do the Triple Therapy antibiotic treatment but this has a 75% reinfection rate so even now I chew on Mastic Gum regularly to make sure it stays away while I heal the gut lining and build the Microbiome. My partner did both the Triple Therapy and Mastic Gum and eliminated it all too. My sister did Matula Tea with her husband and added Mastic Gum too. I get sick from medications too and the Proton Pump Inhibitor contained Sulphur which caused me massive inflammation but I need the bug gone and then I worked on recovery. I had worse symptoms after clearing it for months and had to take Proteolytic Enzymes just to digest my food, and Triphala to help ease digestion and elimination but gradually its all gotten so much better. Food allergies are clearing up and I can even have some sulphur foods now too. Swelling and bloating have gone down and as long as I avoid public places, the Fibromyalgia has gotten so much better. Getting plenty of electrons has helped with this. I make my own fermented veg and Coconut Kefir to rebuild the gut lining and I have totally eliminated Gluten, Dairy and high Lectin foods (lentils, beans, nightshades) and have seen a huge improvement. You may find you are very sensitive to these things too. If you've got gut issues and it sounds as though you do, cutting these foods out is essential. It took me some time to get used to it but the feeling of wellness makes it so worth it. I have recently found the work of Dr Jack Kruse who talks a lot about EMF sensitivity and the impact blue light has on our cells and how to support your body. The man is amazing and I've learnt so much. I've been printing off all his articles to learn and I have implemented his suggestions of using DHA from Seafood sources, sunlight 9-12Am through the eyes and skin, while barefoot on the earth and I have to say, he knows what he's talking about. You can find his blog here: His methods are easy to implement and he has a lot on healing the gut too. I hope you get some answers and feel better soon Leesa. Don't give up chasing optimal. xx

  8. Dear Leesa, 3/12/17
    So sad to hear you are suffering from EMR. I have a few suggestions for you. There is a product I use called Energy Dots. It protects Electromagnetic Radiation. I have been wearing it for a year now. I live in a condo with several Smartmeters /Killmeters about 30 feet from where I sleep. This has helped my sleep. Go to for more info & see if you can get them where you are. The lady I purchased from was a lab tech & suffered severely from all the EMR & this was the only thing she found that made it possible for her to be in public or even in her home. This is the lady I got my dot from: There is a lot more videos you can view on
    There is another solution of which I haven’t done. You can purchase copper powder & mix it into paint. Then paint the walls & ceiling of where you sleep. This will deflect any frequencies coming into the room. In turn it will keep signals from traveling out to. If you have a window then the mesh screen will do the same thing. As long as it is stainless steel. I don’t think aluminum works as well.
    You should get a meter to measure your exposure. I purchased Cornet Electrosmog meter ED78S. There are newer ones now. They are made in Germany & very good meters. The above is a video & other video’s you can watch.
    Now to help improve your over all health you need to go to this site and listen to the new Frequency Machine that is really amazing. This is designed to send signals/frequencies of healing energy to through the body reversing the Dis-ease. First the machine takes a reading to see where the energies are out of tune. Then the proper frequencies are given to realign the body. This is my own interpretation. You will need to find out when & where you can go to get treatment. Be patient cause this is just hitting the market and there are 100’s 0f 1000’s that will be receiving this type of treatment. They really haven’t given a name for it yet. But it does work & is a healing machine. When you get to this page go to the right of the page under RECENT POSTS for more about the machine.
    I hope this helps make a difference in your life for the better.

  9. I also have these symptoms. It's incredibly frustrating when the medical profession have no knowledge of this condition and they generally don't seem interested in learning more.

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  11. Very important knowledge you have obtained for all of us. I hear you loud and clear but I'm in Copenhagen, Denmark in a 5th floor apt. with cell towers across the street. I walk barefoot a lot.

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  14. When I wrote to the office of the Prime Minister Malcolm Trumbull he declined and his office declined to give a decent response via email in the beginning of year 2016. What a disappointment. Ignorance is no excuse. Smart meters mobile phones etc do cause radiation sickness.

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  16. hi Leesa. I need to get in touch with you. would love to speak with you. you came into my mums work (safety quip kunda park) ive been doing research and would love to speak with you personally. also i came across the "smartdot" through my research and i thought of you straight away and thought this could help your situation and health! i pray you get my message and i hear back from you. you can email me at and go from there. also check out these links.

  17. My husband is the one with EHS. He has found tremendous relief (although not healed completely) by detoxing heavy metals according to the protocol laid out by Anthony William, Medical Medium. He continues to detox. Every day.