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My Testimony of Microwave Illness, by George Parker

Image: George Parker in Vietnam

(Editor's note: These are George Parker's own words - I haven't made any significant alterations to his testimony)

Let us go back in time---say 1880, when electricity was first introduced and installed in the home of super rich and famous people. Within a short time they became ill with an idiopathic illness. As more electricity was install into homes and factories more people became ill. The super rich and famous became offended when the ordinary worker in their factories began to get the same illness as they were suffering. There illness was seen only for the socialites and how can an ordinary person get the same.

The medical practitioners noticed the symptoms were similar for the rich and famous and the ordinary worker and began to see their illness was “nervous exhaustion” and names it in 1881 as “neurasthenia” by the medical profession. They said in 1881: “neurasthenia as the most frequent, the most important, and the most interesting nervous disease of our time.” Well there we are, our first cases of electro sensitivity from electricity and was seen as a “nervous disease”. Here we are 130 years later and we are being seen as the same, but now labelled a “nocebo effect”.

In 1902, the Bell Company switchboard operators and telegraph mechanics began to become ill as they were immersed in AC and DC from the “switchboards” that radiated 600 volts of DC each time they made a phone connection and from the telegraph lines. In 1911, a medical document was written about “Simulated Disease Occurring in Person of Hysterical or Neurotic Temperament”, once again another fob off or cover-up.

How come all the years gone by, it’s still there and being covered up since 1880, even in 1902 and 1911 and still again: in the trenches of France during WW1 (1914-18) (Bomb Happy); the radar operating room - (radarmen’s illness) (1930s-40s); the radio room - radiomen’s illness (1940s-50s); the military communications - microwave illness (1950s-1960s); The warning from Russia of the dangers; and in 1976 by the US DIA that stated military personnel exposed to microwave non-ionised radiation can suffer from cardiovascular, neurological and haemodynamic disorders, including neurasthenic symptoms. How many sufferers are suffering cardiovascular and neurological disorders, as there would be 100 different types of these disorders?

Since 1980, wireless technology has developed very rapidly and its usage is now as common as electricity and water running down a river. Most households are now full of electrosmog of wireless radiation from: DECT and mobile phones; mobile and NBN towers; Laptops; Computers; Televisions; iPods/IPhones/IPads; Wi Fi hotspots; Bluetooth; Games Consoles; Smart Meters; kitchen appliances and white goods, which are part-and-parcel of the ‘smart grid network”. We now find Wi Fi hotspots are everywhere and human rights have been take from us, and anyone can radiate us against our will to a certain risk that is offensive and violates our privacy, a “private nuisance”.

Yes, we are living in a cesspool of invisible electro motive force (emf) of electricity (ELF) and microwave non-ionised radiation (EMR), and because it’s a sea of invisible frequencies and force, that most intentional ignorant and blind people who believe if you can’t see it, then it can’t hurt you and has no negative effect on life.

Image: George in Vietnam, with a 1000 watt antenna mast behind him

I served in the military communications from 1959-1980, working in worldwide communications network. In 1968, I was a reasonably healthy and physically fit 31 year-old soldier, being radiated day-in and day-out with high levels of non-ionised radiation (High Frequency and Microwave) between 50 to 1,000 watts, as a communicator and a trade training instructor. In December 1968 I was posted to South Vietnam and served a 12-month tour of duty as Troop Sergeant of a Signals Communications troop.

Within a month of my tour my health began to deteriorate, as I was immersed in greater levels of non-ionised radiation from the various types of radio transmitters used while on operations and at base camp, than I used in our country. I lived under the antenna of a 1,000 watt transmitter for that length of time in Vietnam when not on operations.

Image: "The truck contains the TRC24 set that cooked me"

While in Vietnam I was suffering fatigue, anxiety, depressive moods, heart palpitations, nausea, bowel disorder, headaches, muscle pains and flu-like symptoms, and most neurasthenic symptoms, and was treated with “valium” by our Army Medical Officers. I had no idea that the high levels of non-ionised radiation from all the wireless equipment were causing my illness. Today, even though I believe the military were aware of the radarman’s, radiomen and microwave illness from the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. When I returned back to base after operations our unit area was located under the 1,000-watt transmitting antenna that was radiating 24/7 as a rear link.

Image: "the GRC 106 we used on rear links"

While on operations we lived in our hutchies directly near the bed-frame antenna of microwave transmitter that radiated 24/7, throughout operations. I lived and worked in close proximity to all of this equipment, and slept 10-20 meters away from the antenna. It wasn’t until I had researched this equipment that I discovered the dangers of this transmitter and the training manual stated: “Hazard Distance from antenna: Exclude Personnel to a distance of 6.3M from the antenna. The height of the antenna normally precludes the potential for personnel exposed to RFR.” When working with this equipment we were 3Ms under the antenna and may live 5-20Ms away in our hutchies, which was part and parcel of the life of a communicator in the field. By September 1969 my symptoms worsened, I was always weak and tired; I was fatiguing easily and experiencing, vomiting, diarrhoea, headaches, joint pain, anxiety, and bouts of emotional stress.

Image: "E513 1000 watt transmitter"

After returning home, a few months later after returning to our unit from a communications exercise I had never realised that what I suffered in Vietnam was going to haunt and torment me for the rest of my military career and civilian life. Six months after arriving home I was rushed to hospital, and nearly died from “encephalitis”, swelling of my brain. Only a few years ago, I discovered that two diggers of my troop returned home and died from encephalitis.

I suffered continually with chronic flu-like illness, aching glands, aches and pains in all joints and muscles, cold sweats, always feeling sluggish and extremely sleepy, and I had difficulty with memory and concentration and the symptoms waxed and waned, interfering with my family, Army, and sporting life. I didn’t notice that it became much worse while I was involved on communications exercises in the field and when I returned to camp I was always at the medical centre trying to establish what was wrong with me. I still had no idea that wireless radiation was causing my illness. The military saw me as a malingerer, and my mates nicknamed me “Pills”.

When I retired in 1980, my illness was still there, and had no idea that the high tension power lines 100 metres from my home and my next-door neighbour being a “Ham” Operator and he was radiating our home until all hours in the morning. By 1984, my illness became worse and after many blood tests and x-rays my civilian GP diagnosed me with ME in 1984. It continued on and diagnosed in 1994 with CFS, then in 2004 with FMS.

In 1997, my wife and I moved to an island environment, leaving the mainland, and within a month I began to heal, my health began to improve, and within six months my symptoms began to disappear, and I was experiencing good health for the first time since 1969. In 2000, we returned to the mainland, to start a caravan trip around our country, and within a few weeks of our return my symptoms began to return, my wife purchased her first mobile phone and turned it ON, and immediately I felt as though ants were crawling all over me and my skin was burning and tingling all over. One day, I was browsing a newsagent shelf and a book leapt out at me, and when I opened it, I opened to a page called “Silent Illness”, the very same name I called my illness, and explained about wireless radiation.

As I look back, all alternate treatments that I became involved in, ended up making me worse over time; and I wasn’t aware at the time that the military transmitters were causing my illness; then they were complimented by the power lines and transformers that were near my home, as I had no idea then that electric and magnetic fields from electricity (such as, fluro lights, electric blanket, electric waterbed, electric bedside lamp, clock radio) and the local ham operator and the new analogue cordless phone we had just purchased.

While touring our country in our caravan, as soon as I left the road and entered a caravan park I was further exposed to mobile phones and Wi Fi from all around me from within the caravan parks.

The Russians researchers knew in the late 1940s and early 1950s that microwave non-ionised radiation was dangerous and a health risk and they identified it as “microwave sickness”, and actively used it against the US Embassy in Moscow. In 1971, I came across a comprehensive bibliography of all known “Reported Biological Phenomena and Clinical Manifestations Attributed to Microwave and Radio-Frequency Radiation” (see link below) that made no sense to me then, but when I read it 30 years the declassified version caused the penny drop.

In this article are pages that are long and covers from myocardial necrosis, convulsions, and liver enlargement, to blood and bone changes, scalp sensations, and irritability. I was diagnosed a six-inch mass in my liver, had convulsions, scalp sensations, tumour in my pancreas and open-heart surgery. This Navy report left no doubt what was going on with me over all those years.

I now suffer from peripheral neuropathy and myopathy from the radiation, which is a malfunctioning of a nerve or a group of nerves. The one basic premise that is common to all causes is that there is a disruption of normal nerve impulse transmission from the damaged nerve and that information is transmitted through electrical circuitry to our central nervous system, which causes paraesthesia, causalgia, and dysesthesia.

Reported Biological Phenomena and Clinical Manifestations Attributed to Microwave and Radio-Frequency Radiation (outline, plus full document)

Author(s): Zorach R. Glaser, Ph.D., LT, MSC, USNR
Publication: Bibliography of Reported Biological Phenomena (‘Effects’) and Clinical Manifestations Attributed to Microwave and Radio-Frequency Radiation
Publisher: Naval Medical Research Institute
Date: First Published October 4, 1971
More than 2000 references on the biological responses to radio frequency and microwave radiation, published up to June 1971, are included in the bibliography.* Particular attention has been paid to the effects on man of non-ionizing radiation at these frequencies. The citations are arranged alphabetically by author, and contain as much information as possible so as to assure effective retrieval of the original documents. An outline of the effects which have been attributed to radio frequency and microwave radiation is also part of the report.
*Three supplementary listings bring the number of citations to more than 2300.

You can read more about George's electrosensitivity, and his exposure to microwave radiation whilst in the military, on the Refugium website:

George Parker: Military Exposure to Wireless Radiation - Refugium

Thursday, 11 May 2017

EHS, and own a smartphone? Some little-known tweaks



For those who really have to use a smartphone, or who are in the unfortunate position of having to share a home with one, then you may find this helpful, if you feel that you are affected by them even when they are not in use.

For a while, I was particularly sensitive to my smartphone, even when it was switched off and stored in the garden shed. I could still feel it doing something, as I did with any smartphone - especially iPhones.

This constant "pinging" to the nearest cell tower/mobile phone mast that they do, even when in flight mode or switched off, cannot be picked up by a standard radiofrequency/microwave meter.

I don't use my smartphone for making calls - I wouldn't dream of it. I use it for sending emails, SMS messages, Whatsapp voice messages, Facebook, and for taking photos.

I can't use a desktop PC for any length of time, because it requires mains power, and I'm badly affected by low frequency electric and magnetic fields and by "dirty electricity". I've tried using a laptop, but that didn't really work well for me either.

I find that my smartphone (after changing some settings) now affects me much less than using a PC or laptop, and it's easier for doing the everyday things that I want to do.

Here are some things that you can do to reduce the effect that the smartphone has on you.


I believe that all of the following settings can be changed in any Android phone. However, as far as I know, this cannot be done on the iPhone. *

Starting with the most obvious, in the Settings menu, I disable WiFi, Bluetooth and NFC (Near Field Communications).

You can also disable Mobile Data too, but I don't do this, as I keep Flight Mode activated at all times, unless I need to send/receive data, in which case I deactivate Flight Mode, wait for a few seconds (keeping a distance), and then reactivate Flight Mode.

I find that Flight Mode completely disables Mobile Data, and it is easy to switch on and off in the shortcut bar at the top of the screen whenever I need to send/receive data, and this is why I don't disable Mobile Data.

In Flight Mode, I can compose emails, browse Facebook, and use Whatsapp to record voice messages. I find Whatsapp much better than using a landline telephone, which can affect me badly. This way, I can keep in touch with family and friends overseas, which I do on a regular basis.

Next, go to Location in the Settings menu and switch off GPS. Also disable Google Location History and Google Location Sharing if applicable.


Look for any Apps that have recently requested your location, and turn off Allow Location Permission.

I doubt that most Apps really need to know where you are at any given time. I deleted every App that I didn't need, and didn't allow location permission for the rest.


Next, go to Date & Time in the Settings menu, and uncheck Automatic date & time and Automatic time zone. This stops the phone trying to contact the network every couple of seconds, or whatever it is, to update the time; after all, why does it even need to do this? The time is set, and only needs to change when the clocks get moved forward or back, depending on where you live.