Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Things which have helped me - Part 2

"Books, organisations, companies, products and other things which have helped me or which I feel are of help to me"

(Editor's Note: An EHS friend sent me this list of things that help them, and thought that it might be useful for other people too)


‘The Powerwatch Handbook’ by Alasdair and Jean Philips. 
'Earthing - The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?' by Stephen T Sinatra, Clinton Ober and Martin Zucker.

‘Nourishing Traditions’ by Sally Fallon.

'Vegetarian Cooking Without' by Barbara Cousins (the nutrition advice, even if not a veggie).

'Detoxify or Die' by Sherry A Rogers.

'The Cancer Journey' by Dr Pam Evans, Polly Noble and Nicholas Hull-Malham (the nutrition advice).

‘Say no to Arthritis’ by Patrick Holford (chapter 8 – The Detoxification Connection info on restoring liver function).

‘The Herbal Drugstore’ by White and Foster (the chapter on Liver Disease).

‘What HIT me? Living with Histamine Intolerance: A guide to diagnosis and management of HIT – A patient’s point of view’ by Genny Masterman.

‘The Bulletproof Diet’ by Dave Asprey.

‘The Healing Energies of Magnets’, by Roger Coghill.

Organisations/companies: 0845 6439748 (help line and info regarding Electrical Sensitivity, including ‘Electromagnetic Sensitivity and Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity’ – a Summary by Michael Bevington). (info regarding Electrical Sensitivity). (info regarding Electrical Sensitivity, including correcting energy flow). (info).  (info). (Change your frequency to change your reality info and Solfeggio frequencies). (info). (info). (info).  (info). (the government’s info regarding Electrical Sensitivity, including ‘Definition, Epidemiology and Management of Electrical Sensitivity’). (mobile phone and other mast locations). (all mobile networks coverage maps in the UK). (mobile network coverage hotspots). (TV mast locations). (nuclear power station locations). (radon gas affected area maps in the UK). (shale gas etc. mining locations).  01591 610167 / 0845 345 1893 and (Home EMR surveys and help line info). (UK Electrosensitives Facebook group). (info about ionising smoke alarms). 01708 731251 (info regarding light sensitivity including for people without Lupus). (as above). (info regarding Multiple Chemical Sensitivity). 01442 261333 (test recommendations, tests and Pure Encapsulations supplements). (info). 0845 2261762 (info). (info). 020 7724 4004 (info on Asyra testing). (info). (info). (info). (nutritionist info). (nutritional balancing, nutritionist and NIR sauna info). (private laboratory tests info). (private laboratory tests info). 0207 4861178 (mercury free dentist’s info). (info). (info regarding internet and computer addiction). 0207 4047850 (EMF detection meters). 0844 5576000 (small Wi-Fi detection meter). 01200 445475 (EMF protective; Naturelle material, and socks). 01353 778814 (EMF protective; Naturelle and Chromax material and Naturelle clothing).  vegetable/fruit cage frames (to make a frame for a bed canopy). 0845 8059030 (EMF and UV protective clothing and head nets). (blue light blocking glasses info). 0845 6402020/08455 6401010 (corded telephone with handsfree button and blackout blinds and Muddyfox wraparound sunglasses). (Element Eight wraparound sunglasses with dark lenses). (Iridium mirrored sunglasses). 01329 289621 (UV protective film). 01293 565630 (15 watt yellow incandescent light bulbs and enclosed lamp-shade). 01733 765030 (UV protective hats). 01908 517900 (UV protective clothing). 00 1 800 2223003/00 1 3059332026 (shielded and outgassed computer). (BT converse 2200 landline phone, shielded Belkin Cat6 Snagless STP Patch Cable (broadband cable) and Belkin 6 Socket SurgeMaster Superior Series Networking Surge (surge protection socket adaptor) (and airtube headset and 3.5mm to RJ11 adaptor to plug into a landline phone with an RJ11 socket info)). (UK plug to clover leaf mains lead (for computers bought from USA) and Netgear DG834v2 router without wireless capabilities info and Dell W7751 mouse (old style mechanical, non- optical, ball, scroll mouse). 0845 4505950 (info on bedding and mattresses, water filters and air filters etc. and dust and chemical filter masks). (earthing info). (EMF protective socks and gloves info, and earthing bed sheet (can also be bought in UK including from the two following websites)). 0121 2436318 (earthing mat). 01291 350800 (earthing products info). 01900 822080 (heel grounders).  /0330 9001024 (magnetic wriststrap). (magnetic and far infra-red insoles info). (the Personal Harmoniser pendant). (the Bioelectric Shield pendant). (the Personal Harmoniser, other EMF protection product info).  (EMF protection product info). 01992 550101 (bamboo mat and instructions for use). (info on wood burning saunas). (near infrared sauna info). 00 1 800 6972862 (far infra-red, traditional and combination, safer (lower EMF etc.) saunas info). (info on passive solar/wood burning saunas). (info on the differences between FIR and traditional saunas). 0871 8716611 (organic food, toiletries and household products). (organic food, toiletries and household products). (list of veg box and raw dairy product sellers in the UK). (natural baking soda). 0845 2623145 (dried herbs). (miso info). (soapnut products). (info on the liver and nutrition). (info on the liver and nutrition).   (info on treating the liver). (info about probiotics to avoid and include in the diet and about mycotoxin free/reduced coffee and chocolate on a different page on the website).  (low histamine diet info). (info on iodine containing foods). (info on high iodide-containing foods). (organic supplements info). (vitamin E capsules info). (supplement info. They can be bought from other websites). (supplement and coffee enema info). (enema kit and info). (info on probiotics). (info on probiotics). (info on probiotics). (supplements info). (supplements info).,281,2962&q=579 (supplements info). (supplements info). (supplements info). (supplements info). (famous parasite cleanse info). (info on a vitamin C protocol). (lung cleansing info). (water filter info). (water filter info). (info on water filters). (info on water filters). (info on water filters). (info on water filters). (info on water filters). (Xtrema cookware info). (info on cookware). (info on cookware). (info on cookware). (borosilicate glass cookware info). 01638 716593 (toiletries). (info on henna allergy). (natural hair problem solutions info). (hair problem info). (hair problem info). (natural mold cleaner info). (natural mold cleaner info). (clothing). 0844 4123435 (stationary and stamps phone order info). (Optyl spectacle frames info). 01453 791600 (Swiss Flex spectacle frames info). 01274 565699 (vacuum cleaners info). (vacuum cleaner). 0844 4824400 (vacuum cleaner extension hose info). 08457 626147 (wood burning agas (cooking/hot water/heating) info). 01264 358293 (gas fridges info). 01803 868001 (info on beds, bedding etc., clothing). 01386 791498 (mattresses info). 01938 552617 (mattresses info). 020 77035550 (natural candles info). 0845 0946498 (natural candles info). (guides). (info about finding a plot of land).,%20City%20of%20London〈=_e&layerGroups=default&textonly=off (flood risk area maps). (log cabin info). (log cabin info). (log pod info). (shepherds huts info). (A radio quiet zone info). (info on courses on building a mud hut). (info on self-build). (planning permission info). (natural wood treatments info).

Other things that have helped me:

NHS Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Therapy, Counselling and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

GPs have been useful for tests and my local primary care trusts have been useful at recommending NHS Immunology specialists (who can diagnose CFS) and providing info on NHS home visiting services.

I have found it helpful to know that some hospitals do ‘live’ blood testing where the blood is tested straight after it is drawn.

I have found out that some opticians do some colour tests and mid vision and near vision tests (such as near vision stress tests) which other opticians do not.

Using a computer router without wireless capabilities provided by my phone/broadband provider.

Living in a wooden cabin both unshielded and later shielded.

Having as less electric fuses switched on (in the fuse box) as possible in the day and night.

Listening to the TV (with the screen set blank) instead of watching it.

Using tent poles as a frame to make a tent with EMF shielding material.

Goggles and a scarf used as a mask to help prevent dust exposure.

A natural humidifier (bowl of water etc.).


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