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Spain - EHS legally recognised

This is a special post which includes an auto-translation of the recent legal decision in the High Court of Madrid, which found in favour of an EHS sufferer, an ex-employee at Ericsson.

Thanks to Shirley Temple for providing this document.

There's a link below the auto-translation to coverage of the case on the Towards Better Health blog.

The name of this person has been redacted from the legal ruling, although it is in the public domain.

The original legal judgement, written in Spanish, was converted so that the actual text could be selected (it was a .pdf file of a scanned document), and then auto-translated. The resulting text is not easy to read - partly because of the legalese in the original, and partly because of the inherent limitations of auto-translations.

I'll replace this when a proper English translation is available, and in the meantime, the translated article on Towards Better Health provides a more readable summary of this judgement.

There are some links to further media coverage below the auto-translated ruling.

High Court of Madrid Ruling Recognizes "Electrosensitivity" as Grounds for Total Permanent Disability - Towards Better Health, 4th August 2016

Legal Ruling (in Spanish)


Superior Court of Justice of Madrid - Section no 02 of the Social
Address: CI General Martinez Campos, 27, Plant 2-28010
Telephone: 914931969
Fax: 914931957

NIG: / 0044087
Supplication appeal procedure 327/2016-s


Labour Court No. 11 of Madrid Social security 1011/2014
Matter: Permanent disability

Judgment number: 588/2016

Ilmos. Mr

Mr./Mrs ..

In Madrid on 6 July two thousand and sixteen having seen in resource supplication the autos present Section 2 of the Social Chamber of the DC Superior Court Justice composed by Ilmos. Messrs. Cited, according to the provisions made in the Article 117.1 of the Spanish Constitution,




He has issued the following


In the appeal for reversal 327/2016, formalized by the / the LETRADO Mr./Mrs.
on behalf of Mr./Mrs. []
Against the judgment dated 30.12.2015 issued by the Court de lo Social No 11 de Madrid in their cars Social security number 1011/2014, followed at Mr./Mrs instance. [] Versus INSTITUTE NATIONAL TREASURY GENERAL SOCIAL SECURITY AND SAFETY SOCIAL, in reclamation permanent disability. Judge-Rapporteur being the / the llmo./Ilma. Mr. Mrs. D./Dfla [] and deducted from the actions gotten the following


FIRST: As stated in the autos, demand was presented by that part plaintiff against that defendant. It is turned for knowledge and indicated prosecution the Labour Court, which, following the relevant procedural acts processing and after conclusion of appropriate acts of oral proceedings in which they were definitely set the respective positions of the parties, issued the sentence referenced above.

SECOND: In the judgment under appeal in supplication the following facts were recorded as expressly declared proven:

FIRST D. [] born the day 01.27.1969 and document Affiliate Social Security No [] initiated a sick leave for temporary disability due to common illnesses as of 02/07/2012.
SECOND.- The actor worked for the company ERICSON, flaunting the professional category Telecommunications Engineer; It is its regulatory base of 2.812.33 monthly. (Undisputed fact)

THIRD.- case file permanent disability plaintiff, after examination and recognition thereof by the evaluating physician, medical summary report dated 05.20.2014 was issued, in which, prior diagnosis of "anxiety-depressive disorder with predominance of irritability and difficulty controlling impulses. Syndrome of electrosensitivity (EMS), multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome (SOM) of irritable bowel syndrome, dry mucous membranes ", regarding the organizational and functional limitations, reads as follows:
"Anxiety-depressive disorder prevalence of irritability and difficulty with for control impulses. irritable bowel syndrome, dry mucous membranes, without sequelae defmitivas.
It is not possible to draw definite functional limitations syndrome electrosensitivity (EHS) and multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) syndrome on the basis of consensual scientific information and that can be implemented in the considerations of WHO and Consensus Document on Chemical Hypersensitivity Multiple the Ministry for Health, Social Policy and Equality 2011. they stresses that "there is little scientific evidence to support the possible existence of cases of hypersensitivity to electromagnetic fields" (wHO) and "heterogeneity and vagueness of symptoms and the lack of agreement on a profile empirically validated, favored doubts about accepting MCS as a disease entity with a specific underlying etiology "(Ministry of Health)";
finally concluding, that report, that "it is not possible to establish permanent sequelae, not a cause-effect franca of symptoms and signs with exposure to the agents referred to not having scientific evidence of the experimental method"(Folios 20 to 25 and 40 to 43)

FOURTH.- Upon issuance of that medical summary report by the Task Disability Assessment (EVI) proposal dated 06/06/2014 issued an opinion that determined the following clinical picture residual: "anxiety-depressive disorder Irritability DOMINANCE WITH DIFFICULTY AND CONTROL IMPULSE. SYNDROME electrosensitivity (EHS), SYNDROME MULTIPLE CHEMICAL SENSITIVITY (SOM). Irritable bowel. DRY Mucous' 'is the non-qualification of the worker as permanently disabled proposing not to submit anatomical or functional reductions that reduce or remove their working capacity. (Folio 39)

FIFTH.- By INSS decision was given as of 06/06/2014 for which she remembered actor deny the provision of permanent disability for not meeting injuries suffers a sufficient degree of decrease in their ability to work, to be constitutive of permanent disability. (Folio 31)

SIX.- against that decision of the INSS, the plaintiff made a previous claim, which was dismissed. (Folios 58 to 64)

THIRD: In the judgment under appeal in supplication the following judgment was rendered or part: "THAT dismissing the lawsuit filed by D. [] FACING THE NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF SOCIAL SECURITY (INSS) AND FACING THE GENERAL TREASURY OF THE SOCIAL SECURITY (TGSS), IN CLAIMS ON PERMANENT DISABILITY, SHOULD I acquit THE CLAIMS OF ENTITIES co-defendants made against him "

FOURTH: Facing then appealed that judgment was announced by the applicant, Mr./Mrs part. [  ], formalizing it later; such an action was not contested by the counterparty.

FIFTH: Elevated by the Labour Court reference the main case, together with the separate then appealed piece, this Social Chamber, had the same entry in this section, dictating the corresponding and subsequent providence for processing fit.

SIXTH: Appointed Judge-Rapporteur, the clearance of the cars were available for the same knowledge and study, indicating the 07.06.2016 day for voting acts and failure.
In view of the above factual background, the following are made by this section Room


FIRST Against the judgment of the Labour Court No. 11 of the city in car no. 1O11 / 2014 has brought Counsel then appealed the claimant under the provisions of Article 193 b) and c) of the two groups claiming LRJS grounds of appeal:
In the first, asks:
a) The second revision of the proven fact giving the following relationship:
"The actor worked for the company ERICSON, flaunting the professional category Telecommunications Engineer, and its regulatory base of 2.812.33 monthly (not disputed fact).

The tasks in their profession are: analyze, develop, develop and implement test cases software and hardware: coordinate, lead and manage test procedure: check the configuration and integration of a node, a network or system: scope of these activities could include: introduction of software, software expansion level, expansion of software (functionality and capacity) and migration of the same: the ultimate goal is to deliver to the client node, network or system.
These activities are carried out both offices Ericsson (office area, area models) and customer premises (equipment rooms and offices) and in constant daily contact with computers in an environment where there are electromagnetic fields, mobile connections and wireless radio. "

b) The addition of a new seventh ordinal proven fact with the following wording:
"It is considered by the Prevention Service of the company that the applicant is particularly sensitive person and that once the possibilities of adaptation to other activities and mode of work according to the medical examination and medical reports analyzed. IS NOT SUITABLE for perform their profession.
For that reason and given the impossibility of reassignment of the employee to another job in which electromagnetic fields affecting their health are not present, the company proceeds to end the employment relationship that united them because of the ineptitude develop their work, given the existence of a clear situation of disability. "

c) The revision of the fourth proven fact giving the following wording:"Upon issuance of the said medical summary report by the Disability Assessment Team (EVI) opinion dated 06/06/2014 proposal in which determined the following clinical residual was issued:" anxiety-depressive disorder predominating irritability and difficulty impulse control, electrosensitivity syndrome (EHS), Multiple Chemical Sensitivity syndrome (MCS), Irritable bowel syndrome, dry mucous" non-qualifying worked as permanently disabled by not presenting anatomical or reductions functional proposed that diminish or nullify its labor capacity (Folio 39).
According to expert report Hospital of Guadalajara. "In the presence of this exposure to electromagnetic fields, such as that found in the workplace, appear in the patient's symptoms of hypersensitivity especially relating to (headache, tinnitus, insomnia and other sleep disorders, fatigue and fatigability, changes nervous system mood, nervousness, irritability or aggressiveness, impaired concentration and short-term memory, etc.), and to improve away from their exposure. "
In the second group of reasons for appeal alleges infringement of Article 137.5 of the General Social Security Law; alternatively point 4 of the same article; and the jurisprudential doctrine cites in its application.

SECOND.- interested by the applicant to the fact proved second of the judgment of the Court is inconsequential to the decision of the case because the content obligational as defined in the professional category that is what must be evaluated and not a specific job to determine whether or not the worker is in situation total permanent disability for usual occupation. Which prevents the first estimated plea because it already has proven in the professional category second fact.

THIRD:- If you must be estimated the addition of the new fact that seventh ordinal interested in its application because it refers to factual information susceptible to failure transcend the dispute whose purpose is to determine the capacity or incapacity of the actor for the performance of work.

FOURTH.- modification interesting for the proven fact four of the judgment of Court consists of the addition of a second paragraph to its literal content that alludes the report of the Hospital of Guadalajara. This expert report in the case file and refers to circumstances or susceptible pathologies arise when the worker is exposed to electromagnetic fields. What it is implicitly included in saying that suffering Electrosensitivity SYNDROME (SQM), making it unnecessary to add to mode directly derived greater detail the consequences of such pathology they are unwritten and included to state that suffers. What makes unnecessary by not estimable this ground of appeal.

FIFTH.- Once resolved define the course of application of the rules regulating substantive legal incapacity. ie Articles 136 and 137 of the LGSS, the resulting form as described above. in view thereof it is reasonably accredited total permanent disability of the claimant for normal profession Telecommunications engineer because of chemical sensitivity syndrome or suffering Electromagnetic hypersensitivity to the Spanish Ministry of Health has called on its version of the international classification of ICD-9-CM disease within the group no specific allergies (code 995.3). Allergy that causes the sufferer in loss induced tolerance, for most recurrent outbreaks, the RF pollution, cordless phones, mobile phone antennas, WIFI, forcing suffers a quine minimize its exposition in the home and work environments and avoid places with electromagnetic pollution. These circumstances leading to the reasonable decision to declare the applicant in situation of total permanent disability for usual occupation Engineer Telecommunications derived from common disease entitled to receive the benefit economiea in corresponding application of the provisions of Article 137.4 of the General Social Security Law.

SIXTH.-. If, as it has been argued above. the actor is unable to work in environments with electromagnetic pollution, this situation does not occur in all types of environments and places, so if you can work in so-called "white zones" they do not have that kind of contamination; and as for the chemical sensitivity syndrome who also suffers from multiple, as argued in the legal basis Fourth judgment of the Court "not possible to draw definite consequences", and this lack of permanent limitations prevents estimate its claim to be declared for absolute permanent disability pursuant to the provisions of Article 136.1 of the LGSS.

HAVING SEEN the previous rules and other general application,


Estimating that partly and partly dismissing the appeal for reversal Counsel filed by the applicant against the judgment of the Labour Court Social n ° 11 of the city in cars num. 1011/2014, we must reverse and reverse leaving void the contested decision and, instead, resolution estimating the alternative claim contained in the application made by Mr [] against INSS and TGSS, we must declare and declare that the actor is in situation total permanent disability for usual occupation Engineer Telecommunications derived from common disease entitled to receive the benefit economic equivalent to 55% of their base salary of 2.812,33. with economic effects from the day 20.05. 2014; condemning the co-defendants Entities subscribe with improvements that are legally due.


Merge the original of this judgment, by this order, the Book of Sentences of this Section Room.

Certifications issued of this statement for binding separate piece or roll supination, which will be filed in this Court, and the main cars.

Notice is this judgment to the parties and to the Office of the Court Superior of Justice.

Some Spanish articles on the case, with English auto-translations afterwardsLa Vanguardia, 2nd August 2016
Un ‘teleco’ con electrosensibilidad logra la incapacidad para trabajar entre wifis


A 'teleco' electrosensitivity achieved with the inability to work between wifis


Heraldo, 2nd August 2016
Un ingeniero de telecomunicaciones con electrosensibilidad logra la incapacidad laboral


A telecommunications engineer with electrosensitivity achieves incapacity


El Pais, 2nd August 2016
“Sufro electrosensibilidad y mi calidad de vida es vivir aislado”


"I Suffer electrosensitivity and my quality of life is to live isolated"


Noticias Juridicas, 3rd August 2016

Una sentencia considera por primera vez la "electrosensibilidad" como causa de incapacidad permanente total


A statement considers first the "electrosensitivity" as grounds for total permanent disability


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Forced to Disconnect

[This post contains links to two e-books on electrosensitivity; Forced to Disconnect, and Black on White. Both were written in Sweden, are available in English, and can be downloaded for free]

Forced to Disconnect, Electrohypersensitive fugitives in Sweden, by Gunilla Ladberg (70 pages)

4th Edition. 2010. English


This book is about people in Sweden who after having developed hypersensitivity to electricity or/and microwave radiation from wireless technologies have become fugitives in their own country.

I must first say that neither I nor anyone in my family has been affected by this condition.

I started to write about the issue after learning about the health hazards caused by cell phones and other wireless communication gadgets. That’s how I met a number of people who had become electrohypersensitive (EHS).

This condition has disabled some of them to such an extent that they had to flee from their homes and workplaces to find refuge in forested areas as far away from electrical power and cell phone towers as possible.

Hearing their stories was a major eye-opener. The fact is that some of my fellow citizens are forced to live as fugitives in their own country! They are not fleeing from wars or terrorism, but from modern technology.

They are fugitives in one of the safest countries in the world, or, what once, before the introduction of the latest in information technology and wireless communications systems, was a safe country.

The stories of these people need to be told – for their own sake because of the obvious injustice, and because this is everybody’s business. Their stories are stories about us. People with EHS are no different from you or me. The only thing that separates us from them is luck.

I have travelled around the country and met many EHS fugitives. I have interviewed some twenty people out of more than 600 identified by The Swedish Association for the ElectroSensitive.

As certain themes in their stories kept coming up again and again, I decided to dedicate separate chapters to them.

Some EHS fugitives wished to remain anonymous, while others did not mind going public. “I believe everyone is responsible. That’s why I want to tell my story,” one person said.

However, I decided to give them all fictitious names as not to spotlight the individual, but to emphasize that they can be anyone of us.

I wish to thank all my new friends, under their assumed names – Maria, Siv, Björn, Klas, Mia, Eva, Thomas, Inger, Birgit, Naser, Elisabeth, Kenneth, Johanna’s dad, and Jonas’ mom.

Thank you for sharing your many painful experiences so willingly and sincerely. Thank you for your endurance. Thank you for putting your trust in me. I hope this book reflects my gratitude.

Gunilla Ladberg

Black on White - Voices and Witnesses about Electro-Hypersensitivity, The Swedish Experience (143 pages)

Compiled and commented by Rigmor Granlund-Lind and John Lind, 2nd Internet Edition Oct 3, 2004


Black on White is a translation of a Swedish book, Svart på vitt. Röster och vittnesmål om elöverkänslighet by Rigmor Granlund-Lind and John Lind. It is available in English as a pdf-document, see below.

This book, published in 2002, is based on documents to the Council for Work Life Research (RALF in abbreviation) - statements at a public hearing 8 March 2000 and letters in connection with the hearing – from more than 400 electro-hypersensitive people or from people in close contact with them as relatives, doctors, EMF-reduction engineers, etc.

Here people explain what started their electro-hypersensitivity. Computers were perceived as the most usual triggering factor, followed by presence of amalgam/amalgam removing, fluorescent lights and low-energy lamps, cellular phones/base stations and ordinary telephones, chemicals and photocopiers.

They also mention the factors giving symptoms.

In 2000, symptoms were primarily caused by computers but to a large extent also by all electrical installations, fluorescent lights and low-energy lamps, cellular phones and base stations, ordinary telephones, radio, TV, cars, trains, airplanes, copiers and dental work such as removal of amalgam.

What then are the symptoms? Skin problems top the list, followed by sensibility to light, eye problems, problems with the heart and the blood pressure, headaches, migraines, pain in joint and muscles, dizziness, concentration difficulties, nausea, memory disorders, endocrine reactions and many more.

There are also parts of the book concentrating on the important role of chemicals, on the benefit of EMFreduction, on the "electro-refugees" - that is those who cannot remain in their homes because of cellular base stations in their neighbourhood - on the social consequences for those afflicted and on the way the healthcare institutions and the political authorities deal with the problem.

An important chapter gives ideas to research, strongly criticizing provocation trials, explaining the reason why they are valueless.

The percentage of letterwriters with higher education was large – some of them were postgraduates and many were engineers – and they all had the ambition to describe their handicap in as much detail as possible for the benefit of future research.

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A Story of Ehs, and Accepting Loss


Stephanie Dickerson


Georgia, USA

How long have you been electrosensitive (and how long did it take you to make the link to EMFs?)

My symptoms started in 2005, and I realised that I was electrosensitive in 2012.

Your story:

Since I discovered I am EHS, in 2012, I have had to accept loss; loss of my career, loss of my income, family, friends and so much more.

It seems every time I feel like I get used to my “new” restricted life, I must face yet another loss. As more places implement wifi, my world shrinks even more, until there is literally no where I can go comfortably.

It is impossible for non-ehs people to even comprehend the huge burden and the isolation that this condition creates, and the grief one experiences daily for all that has been taken away.

Around 2005 I started having debilitating insomnia and feelings of agitation; I could not relax. I tried everything to keep healthy, and considered many different reasons for my lack of sleep, headaches, anxiety, and general un-wellness.

It never occurred to me that the home wifi, the cordless phone and our 2 cell phones had anything to do with my condition.

For seven years this suffering and complaining went on, and continued to get worst.

Finally, summer 2012, I had the summer off from teaching school and assumed I would improve, but instead, I became very ill.

It didn’t make any sense. I had nothing to do but rest, and rest didn’t help at all! It made NO sense.

How can you rest and not get better?

One day my husband happened to unplug the wifi, and I suddenly felt relief. I couldn’t believe it. My husband saw me relax. He saw me feel better immediately. Both of us were in shock!

We left the wifi off and I started improving each day.

Then school started, I was back to teaching, my happiest time, feeling so good! But then the school installed “high density wifi” in every classroom and I became desperately ill with heart pounding so hard I thought I would drop dead any minute, plus inability to think, weak, terrible digestion, strange chaotic vibrating inside, and also emotional issues as well.

Without any accommodations for my wifi sensitivity by the school, I was forced to leave my job, losing all that goes with having a job one enjoys: fulfillment, daily activity, a life with purpose, friendships at work, not to mention the income and much needed retirement benefits, all lost.

As wireless has increased since 2012, I have lost family relations, friendships, my doctor, and my dentist of 18 years, leisurely shopping, movies, concerts, gatherings, traveling, planes, hotels, even camping now has wifi.

What you'd like your friends and family to know about your life now, and what you'd like them to do:

What helps most is being able to talk about ehs and all that goes with it, just like anyone would like to share their life experiences.

EHS is my life now, day in and day out and talking about it is important to me.

What you'd like health professionals to do, based on your experience:

We need health professionals to recognize the seriousness of the wireless radiation/health connection and accept it as real. We need accommodations, which means having non-wireless areas for us to get needed medical attention without debilitating exposure.

What you'd like politicians, and those in authority, to do:

Politicians need to first recognize ehs as a functional disability, and make accommodations for us. More is needed, but that would be a start.

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EHS isn't always invisible...

My comment:

In addition to Diana's post here, Towards Better Health has published an article about her containing links to interviews and press coverage. There's a link to this below.

Edited 4th October 2016: Links to Diana's YouTube videos added


Diana Boughton



How long have you been electrosensitive?

Over 15 years

Your story:

Discriminated against, ridiculed, disbelieved, humiliated, misunderstood, isolated – these are some of the ‘symptoms’ of electrohypersensitivity (EHS), from which I have suffered for over 15 years.

I noticed a problem when my parents gave me a computer for my new home, which connected to the internet via dial-up. It was the first piece of technology I’d had during my adult life and within a few days of regular use I noticed that my ears were ringing whenever the computer was switched on.

Then I bought a mobile phone and I experienced a further range of symptoms when the phone was switched on and these were worse when I was actually using the phone. I had a fuzzy head, head pains and blurred vision. The ringing in my ears (tinnitus) increased with phone use until it became constant and permanent.

When exposed to electrical devices that emit microwave radiation, I can’t sleep, can’t think clearly, can’t remember things properly, and feel very ill and nauseous.

I was forced to leave my job when DAB digital radios were brought into the workplace. I’d already been struggling to cope with Wi-Fi and nearby mobile phones at work but the nature of the job allowed me to keep some distance from these devices, although they still made me feel very unwell.

The introduction of DAB radios left me with a severe pain down my spine and I almost lost the use of my right arm.

Exposure to electromagnetic radiation also worsens the symptoms of my psoriatic arthritis. It’s even possible that my arthritis was caused by the effects of radiation on the immune system.

The world seems to be obsessed with electronic gadgets and wireless technology and it is becoming impossible to escape from the electrosmog that made me ill. My neighbour’s Wi-Fi bombards its way into my property and creates a living hell for me.

I rarely socialise because everyone is permanently attached to a mobile phone and all homes and social venues have Wi-Fi. On the odd occasion when I do socialise, I feel unwell at the time and usually feel even worse the next day. People invite me out and say that they want to ‘treat’ me. What they don’t understand is that to take me out is to ‘torture’ me.

Having a relationship is not possible, thanks to EHS. Boyfriends come complete with mobile phones and are unwilling to switch them off for any length of time. During the whole time I’ve had EHS, I’ve only come across one man who was willing to switch everything off when I was with him.

Unfortunately, he lived next to a phone mast. After about a month of exposure to the mast, my skin was covered in burn-like lesions thanks to the radiation that it emitted. Although I was in agony, it was a relief to have some visible symptoms of EHS. My friends who saw my ‘burnt’ skin took me seriously. At last, they could see the devastating physical effects that electromagnetic radiation was having on my body.

Prior to being ‘burnt’ by the mast, I had never come across another person with EHS – in fact, I didn’t know it was called EHS! I found other victims of this condition via Dave Ashton’s Facebook group ‘UK Electrosensitives’ and realised that I wasn’t a one-off weirdo.

When I saw how many lives were being ruined by EHS, I realised that my visible symptoms were evidence that EHS is real and I decided to ‘go public’ in order to help raise awareness of the condition.

The UK Government, advised by Public Health England, is turning a blind eye to us. The government knows our condition exists, knows it is a genuine biological phenomenon, and knows that it is caused by exposure to electromagnetic radiation. However, it is inconvenient for them to admit this so they refuse to acknowledge its existence.

I have written to the Department of Health and they have failed to address any of my comments. Why? Presumably because they would either have to lie in order explain their denial, or, they’d have to admit that EHS is a genuine condition that they are CHOOSING  not to recognise.

What you'd like the Government and health professionals to do:

It is not acceptable for our government and our medical profession to ignore the facts and to refuse to recognise our condition. This needs to change as a matter of urgency.

I think that if the government recognise the condition, then the other issues would be dealt with. In my opinion, the crux of the matter is getting it formally recognised.

A guy from the Citizens Advice told me to write 'electrosensitive' on any form that asked about medical conditions because it was only a matter of time before it was recognised. He cited ME as a similar example, where people were told it was all in their heads.

Once it's recognised, the excuse 'we can't turn off the Wi-Fi for ONE person' would be as acceptable as saying 'we can't have a wheelchair ramp for just ONE person'. My strongest feeling about this whole thing is the lack of justice and fairness.

Burnt by a Mobile Phone Mast - Towards Better Health


Electrohypersensitivity (EHS) Electrosensitivity Part One - Employment difficulties, YouTube


Electrohypersensitivity (EHS) Electrosensitivity Part Two - A new skin rash, YouTube 



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Wi-Fi devastates 11 year old

Mandatory Exposure to Microwave Radiation In Our Schools Has Left 11 Year Old With Nowhere To Go To School

[My comment: These details have been provided by Janis Hoffman, who is Tyler's grandmother]


Victoria BC

How long has he been electrosensitive?

4 years

His story

(This is a letter from Janis Hoffman, published in the Oliver Chronicle on 26th July 2016 - link below)

Tyler is 11 years old and has a recognized disability, EHS (electro hypersensitivity), which means with accumulative and prolonged exposure to microwave radiation from wireless technology, he experiences severe headaches, accompanied with vomiting, extreme fatigue, insomnia and now night terrors.

For the past four years he has been shuffling between three different school districts to avoid the mandatory exposure, which school officials have decided is crucial to teach the curriculum.

Around April 2012, Tyler, who was then seven years old and in Grade 2, started coming home with severe headaches that corresponded with increasing fatigue and sleeping difficulties. The first few times Tyler was asked to place his finger where it hurt and he would touch the top of his head. But later, as the headaches increasingly became worse to the point of nausea, Tyler was unable to touch the pain, stating it was in the middle of his head.

After many weeks of taking Advil and Tylenol to alleviate severe pain in his head, we knew something was seriously wrong.  We were discussing the problem with some parents on the school ground and discovered a WiFi router had been installed in the school just weeks before.

Tyler’s pediatrician requested that Tyler return to school with the WiFi transmitter turned off so he could start a process of elimination to see if the WiFi was giving Tyler the headaches. Our request to the first school district was denied. We were told they couldn’t turn the WiFi off, even though they weren’t using it, because it would set a precedent.  If they turned it off for us they would have to turn it off for everyone.

Tyler was unable to complete Grade 2 with his friends and we were dismissed from the first school district.

For the next four years Tyler was moved around within Victoria and Saanich school district and he has now graduated into middle school where we were assured that there was only 25 per cent coverage. We were told he would be placed as far away from the WiFi routers as possible so he could attend school with his friends.

On September 11 I received call to pick Tyler up because he had a severe headache. Tyler suffered through the long drive home and immediately went to bed to see if he could alleviate his pain.  He started vomiting around 5 p.m. and his headache carried on until he finally fell asleep around 8 p.m. that evening. Throughout that time Tyler was given the recommended doses of Tylenol and Advil as per his doctor’s instructions, but nothing seemed to alleviate his pain.

These headaches are debilitating, excruciatingly painful and the longer he is exposed the more severe his headache, nausea, extreme fatigue and insomnia will be.  Unfortunately with electro-hypersensitivity (EHS), avoidance is the only answer.

We were assured there was only 25 per cent WiFi coverage in Royal Oak Middle School as per the policy, when in fact the school has 100 per cent coverage and able to download 30 laptops from a commercial WiFi router three classrooms away.

Now Tyler has suffered eight injuries this year alone from the accumulative and prolonged exposure to the microwave radiation from two different frequencies.

As a temporary solution Tyler was pulled out of his homeroom and placed in a separate room downstairs.  Tyler was really upset, frustrated and angry about being downstairs for five hours a day with no contact with any of his peers. He feels he was dumped downstairs and forgotten, left there to do his work on his own. He was frustrated that he can go a day or two without even having anyone checking on him to see how he’s doing.

Imagine, being 11 years old and your only social contact with your peers is in a school setting, but you are isolated in a room by yourself. Tyler really wants to be back in a classroom with his peers, to have the teacher in the room to actually teach him and to ask questions when help is needed like all other Grade 6 students. 

He has now lost contact with all of his friends.

Tyler enters and exits the school as quickly as possible, keeping his head down to avoid eye contact in fear of being questioned about the situation. Tyler has expressed feelings of embarrassment, humiliation, loneliness, anxiety and is losing hope of ever finding a school where he can make friends. Tyler is a shy, gentle boy who just wants to be accepted by his friends and be a part of the school community, something he has yet to experience.

As part of the school experience students have an opportunity to meet socially and form friendships with others who have common interests. Tyler has a fundamental right to participate and socialize with his peer group and have the opportunity to build life skills that include communication, cooperation, and team bonding. These foundational components help to form a person into their adulthood and extend long beyond school years. Tyler has yet to experience a sense of connectedness and school community that is so crucial for his academic and adult life.

In April 2016 Tyler was attending school for 1.5 hours on Wednesdays in the room downstairs with a teacher one on one.  The rest of the week he was sitting at home when he should have been participating in activities with his friends at school.

Tyler initially was so excited about attending middle school this year only to have his expectations crushed.  Every attempt to attend school has resulted in another painful injury from the microwave radiation that blankets the inside of the school.

Tyler should be provided with reasonable accommodation, affording him inclusion and dignity while building his self-esteem and personal growth, but sadly he has only experienced the burden of isolation.

Tyler has the right to access public education in a safe learning environment free of known carcinogens, especially when safer hard-wired connections to the Internet already exist.

On June 22 our appeal to the board of trustees in the Saanich school district to turn off one WiFi transmitter and set of policy of no cell phone use during school hours in one section of the school was denied and dismissed.

Tyler has nowhere to go to school for Grade 7.

Janis Hoffmann, Victoria

In general, what needs to happen to improve his life?

Tyler would like a hard-wired connection to the Internet so he can go back to school

EDIT 12st August 2016: More coverage of Tyler can be found on the Refugium website:


Friday, 5 August 2016

Please Classify EHS as a Disability


Debra Martin


Sydney, Australia

How long have you been electrosensitive (and how long did it take you to make the link to EMFs?)

I have been Electrosensitive since 2008 but it took me 4 years to recognize what was making me sick.

Your story:

The story of becoming sick began in 2002.

I already had multiple food allergies/sensitivities I was reacting too at this stage but everything got suddenly worse after a mercury filling fell out and I swallowed it.

A few years earlier, the same thing had happened and that’s when the food allergies started. I started to experience severe brain/nervous system inflammation and out of desperation, went to a chiropractor.

For the following 5 years I worked for 2 Chiropractors and had Corrective treatment of 2-3 adjustments a week. All my symptoms went into remission.

In 2008, while working in Administration, I found as the intensity of adjustments wore off, the inflammation began to come back. Then another filling fell out and I swallowed a good deal of it again. Everything went downhill after that.

I told my boss I was reacting to the computer (which was wired), being on it all day and he put me out the back for a while which helped but I was needed on the computers and my Chronic Fatigue and inflammation worsened until I finally left burnt out.

I thought I’d overworked myself at the time and didn’t associate the fatigue and inflammation with EMF’s.

One of the Chiros I worked with adjusted me for nine months because I was so desperate and this helped to reduce the severity of my symptoms but never stopped them.

I continued to use computers and sometimes a mobile phone up until 2011 when I began to make the association with towers, Wi-Fi, mobile phones, tv’s, and computers. Even then, I still wasn’t aware of how badly they were affecting me.

My partner, 3 times, used a mobile phone in the car and put me into almost complete paralysis. This was caused by the severe fatigue that being in an enclosed space with the phone evoked. I couldn’t walk, talk, move and breathing was almost impossible as the energy it took to allow my chest to rise was inconceivable. It felt like I was dying.

Atrial Fibrillation would flare up because my blood was so thick, my heart was having trouble pumping blood. All of these things relate back to the way EMF causes red blood cells to stick together, preventing oxygen getting to the brain.

My partner on 2 of these occasions buried me in the sand at the beach and after about 30 minutes I could move again and within 2 hours I was functional. It took me until 2014 before I stopped all mobile phone use with family and friends in closed spaces and started recognizing that in unenclosed spaces, the blood thickening was affecting me in a different way.

I would develop lumps all through my lymphatic system, arms, neck, shoulder blades and these lumps didn’t go away when exposure ended. Sometimes they were there for months at a time, - painful, limiting, fatiguing, completely debilitating my life.

I was diagnosed with severe Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue in 2010, Hypothyroidism (Hashimotos) in 2011 and Atrial Fibrillation in 2012.

It took me years to recognize what was affecting me and then more years to realize how much I had to isolate myself.

Being in public places is a nightmare for me. I can’t go to shopping centres or restaurants anymore because the pain from exposure is so bad.

I had to see a Psychologist for over a year to deal with the panic attacks I was suffering from anxiety about people using mobile phones around me. He was sceptical at first but soon realized the physical manifestations of this apparent allergy to EMF were triggering the emotional component, not the other way round.

When I can’t avoid it and it gets me, my partner massages the lumps out throughout my whole body, and it takes a minimum of 4 painful massages before they clear, while I scream, fight and cry into a pillow but it’s the only way to stop months of debilitation and fatigue.

If he massages the lumps out, I can be over it all within 3 weeks usually but sometimes some of it still hangs around. I never stop searching for something that will help.

Most of my money is spent on supplements that keep me functional. I live in the hot zone of a mobile phone tower and I have a large electrical box out the front of my house, but I’ve been lucky up until recently because I’ve been surrounded by rural land.

This is all being bulldozed away now as suburbia moves in. I still count my blessings that I can use a wired desktop with the box separated from where I am, and I can work around most things most days. I do my food shopping at night or low peak periods, I go to Tai Chi once a week because I’ve found that I can do some things where people are too active to use phones.

The isolation is probably the hardest thing to cope with, not having a support network, apart from my partner who understands, and a few friends online. I miss my kids birthday dinners and events now and that’s hard. But I still believe I’m one of the lucky ones. So many people are walking around designating the destruction of their health with their technology.

I recently heard a talk by Dr Amy yasko on the hidden symptoms of H.Pylori and how it shuts down Thyroid function and Liver Detox pathways so I demanded a breath test.

Because I didn’t have the common symptoms my Dr flatly refused but finally agreed. The test showed a severe infection that had been there most of my life. Clearing it left trouble with ulceration which can take up to 2 years to repair but my tolerance to EMF increased significantly.

I still suffer the headaches, Fibromyalgia in the gut and some pain through my upper body, most of which now subsides when I move out of range. This never happened before and I’m confident it will improve as I heal the Intestinal Permeability.

I recommend anyone with EHS get tested for this bug as 75% of the world has it. The inability of the Liver to detox toxins, causing them to recirculate through the body, may be a high contributory factor in EHS along with gut permeability which causes chemical alterations in the brain.

What you'd like your friends and family to know about your life now, and what you'd like them to do

My friends and family try to understand but they still make jokes about it and make me feel like a head case, like I’m imagining what happens to me, or they sometimes use the internet on their phones around me thinking if I don’t know it won’t hurt me so I’d want them to really understand how hard this is.

What you'd like health professionals to do, based on your experience

I would love to see more health professionals heard about EHS and really get the word out there. I’d love to see EHS become more socially accepted as the Disability it is and for more Doctors to understand it. It would make life so much easier if safe areas were provided at health care facilities such as Doctors’ offices and Hospitals too as these places are so hard to access.

What you'd like politicians, and those in authority, to do

I’d love to see EHS reclassified as a Disability and also for EMF to be recognised as a definite carcinogen, causing worldwide standards and services to be reassessed for the safety of all. It would be a relief to see Government funded refuges that provide safe spaces for those with EHS and for restrictive laws to come into place in public places.