Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Liz Barris: Please take part in our new EHS study!

(Electrosensitive individuals only)

Message from Liz Barris:

We are very happy to announce we have a new study underway from the same team that recently decimated the myth that EHS is a psychological problem by producing the ground breaking study * showing EHS in pictures on an fMRI (functional MRI scan), finally making the invisible - wireless radiation's affect on the brain - visible, as seen above!

This is allegedly what our government uses to look at effects on the brain and/or EHS from microwave targeting, such as with the American Embassy employees in Cuba, only they don't tell the public this is a way to see if your brain has been damaged by wireless radiation.

If you are EHS we hope you will participate in our new study.  It's not an fMRI, it is only a questionnaire so we hope you will participate.  If you know someone who is too EHS to use a computer please print it out and mail it to them.  Please do pass this questionnaire on to any EHS people you might know of.

Please note that you do not have to fill in all of the questionnaire in one go - you can log out, and then return to complete the rest. The survey is divided up into 6 pages, of 10 questions per page (the last page has 7 questions). One you complete and submit the first, or any subsequent, page, it will save that page.


You may notice the questions have a broad range. This is because we plan on publishing multiple papers from the information gathered from this one questionnaire. Whether or not the paper/s are ever published, it is important to know that your name will never be published in any of the paper/s, and any and all information will be kept strictly confidential

Link to covering letter and the EHS questionnaire:

* Functional brain MRI in patients complaining of electrohypersensitivity after long term exposure to electromagnetic fields, Gunnar Heuser and Sylvia A. Heuser

Corrigendum to: Functional brain MRI in patients complaining of electrohypersensitivity after long term exposure to electromagnetic fields

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

FRANCE: Smart meter legal threat from ex-Environment Minister

On 6th April 2018, La Croix reported that the former French Environment Minister, Corinne Lepage, is calling on the current French Environment Minister and the Health Minister to suspend the roll-out of 'Linky' smart meters, as many people have claimed that these meters are adversely affecting their health.

The Connexion France reported that:

'...She (Corinne Lepage) has called for scientific studies "to assess the health effects of these meters".

"If the government does not react within two months, we will launch a class action against the State in the tribunal administratif on behalf of the mayors and citizens opposed to Linky," Ms Lepage told Le Parisien.

The threat of legal action comes on top of another court case. A lawyer is due to file a summary judgment on June 5 with 11 regional courts on behalf of 3,000 householders who want the meter withdrawn or who refuse to have one fitted at their homes.

Meanwhile, an email calling for the suspension of the Linky programme, signed by 92 associations, was sent to MPs...'

According to Le Parisien:

'...It's a reputed smart box that gives headaches to hundreds of customers. Dizziness, feeling tired, palpitations, insomnia ... just type Linky on the Internet to appear plethora of user testimonials who claim to be victims of electromagnetic waves emitted by the new green electricity meter Enedis.

Expected to gradually replace our old devices, it currently equips ten million homes. But more and more municipalities and collectives of citizens, worried about the health effects of this meter, now oppose its installation...'

La Croix notes that:

'...Corinne Lepage, claims to have received the support of several municipalities, including Bondy (Seine-Saint-Denis), associations and citizens, as the MEP Michèle Rivasi ecologist.

According to her, the distribution network operator has already accepted that the deployment will be delayed in certain municipalities. He would also have committed not to put the meter in the people who do not want it. The lawyer believes that in the name of "  the right to property and equality before the public office  ", Enedis must do the same throughout France.

In case of rejection of the request, or after two months of silence from the public authorities, Corinne Lepage threat to seize the administrative court. This procedure would be in addition to the collective action brought by lawyers, who claim that they have already met 3,031 complainants. "We will launch on June 5 an assignment of Enedis to appear in summary in eleven courts," says lawyer Arnaud Durand, who plans to reach by then the 5,000 applicants...'

According to Landis + Gyr, manufacturers of the Linky, 'The meter is based on PLC (Power Line Communication) technology', which means that the readings (data) from the meter are sent to the utility company over existing electrical wiring and power lines.

The EI Wellspring website documents some of the health issues related to this technology here:

Below is some of the media coverage of the ultimatum given by Corinne Lepage to the French Government ministers.

La Croix - Corinne Lepage réclame la suspension de Linky, 6th April 2018

English translation:

Le Parisien - Ces citoyens qui veulent la peau du compteur électrique Linky, 8th April 2018

Original in French:

English translation:

The Connexion France - Ex-minister demands halt to Linky meter rollout, 9th April 2018

In English

Le Figaro - Compteurs Linky : Corinne Lepage saisit l'État et demande leur suspension, 9th April 2018

Original in French:

English translation: