Thursday, 20 October 2016

EHS Trial - call for expert involvement

Brett West is the co-founder of Wireless Education, an organisation dedicated to providing balanced education about the biological effects of Wireless Technology. He would like to establish an EHS trial, to discover whether a supplementation protocol may be able to mitigate, or perhaps even eliminate, the symptoms experienced by sufferers, which can often be incapacitating and life-changing.

Brett is looking for skilled health practitioners, or clinical groups, to assist him in developing appropriate research protocols and to facilitate the undertaking of such a study.

His initial proposal is below, along with his contact details.

If you would be interested in being involved, or if you know of someone who might be, please let him know.

EHS Trial - Proposal


Anecdotal and research evidence points to the existence of food supplements which interrupt, or provide a protective effect, with reference to the complex bio-effects and mechanisms activated by exposure to non-ionising microwave radiation.

This is understood to cause (in a subset of the population) a condition known as Electro Sensitivity (ES) and a more serious condition known as Electro Hyper Sensitivity (EHS). This is also known as Microwave Sickness.

We have seen multiple reports from EHS support groups that specialists in Environmental Medicine are able to provide comprehensive treatment solutions which include supplementation.

This is in addition to the primary recommendation of reduced exposure levels.

Research within the USSR historically led to the recommendation that industrial workers exposed to high levels of Electromagnetic radiation should be given a supplement known as Aerovit, which is still available today within the Russian Federation.

Source: Prof. Oleg Grigoriev.

Research from South Korea indicates that Red Ginseng provides a neuro-protective effect to laboratory animals exposed to microwave radiation.

Conventional Radiotherapy treatment recommends Green Tea as a post-exposure supplement, to minimise the side-effects of ionising radiation. There is substantial research evidence to support this and it is widely accepted as a treatment protocol.

We have anecdotal evidence of Siberian Ginseng, a sub-species of Red Ginseng, providing relief to an EHS sufferer in a clear cause-and-effect relationship.

We have anecdotal evidence of Lions' Mane Mushroom providing extensive relief to an EHS sufferer in a clear cause-and-effect relationship.

This supplement contains Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) which has associated, published research showing a neural repair function. In this case the sufferer had previously been struck by lightning, and then developed EHS after work related microwave exposure.

The sufferer had received extensive medical treatment and had fallen into a comatose state multiple times, before starting the supplement on the recommendation of a British scientist.

The sufferer described the supplement as being the difference between 'able to function' and 'comatose'.

Source material on the NGF research is located here:

Problem Statement:

At this time (October 2016) there appears to be no published, credible research studies using a group of known EHS sufferers, and a supplement regime, which have determined a statistically significant health state improvement.

(This assessment is not definitive, as there might well be a published study in another language)


Our recommendation is that a controlled trial be initiated, monitored and reported on, by an appropriate group, so as to determine, statistically, whether there is an improvement in symptoms for EHS sufferers.

The collection of evidence reviewed to date suggests that the above supplements would be suitable candidates for controlled trials.

Please feel free to forward this proposal to appropriate people.


Friday, 7 October 2016

Finding medical therapy for EHS

I was contacted by Audrey Aspeling about including her story on the blog.

She has already written a full account on the EMR Australia website, and so I've included a link to that below, as well as her recent communications with me.

As a retired nurse, and after campaigning to politicians and other prominent people for the past 8 years without much success, I am now concentrating on helping to find a diagnostic test and a legitimate treatment for EHS sufferers by trialling things on myself with the help of my GP, and as I do mention what I have so far found in this regard in my story, others may be interested in my progress so far. 

Of course the treatment I am trialling is pharmaceutical in nature because I have already done the shielding etc. in my home as much as possible at this stage, and as Australia, especially in my state of Victoria, still does not have a safe zone to live and is actually rolling out wifi almost more than anywhere else in the world just now (despite the warnings from me and many others to our authorities), a treatment is probably the only answer, other than locking ourselves away, as people I know are currently still doing...

There is a need for detoxing and rebalancing using the Cyber Trone (therapists can be found on the web) or other effective methods for this, as toxins can make us more prone to electrical sensitivity.

I also think that it is very important to avoid foods which tend to make your condition worse, such as anything to which you have had an allergic response in the past.
Naturally I also do not know yet if long-term use of the medications being trialled is totally safe but I am in touch with a US researcher who has recently expressed that he may be willing to pass my actions on to others at some stage.  
At the beginning, for me the Cyber Trone was almost all I seemed to need along with the removal of wifi etc., but after some other traditional medical treatment needed for another condition seemed to cause my EHS status to deteriorate, the continued detoxing just seems to make rash symptoms worse so I have stopped that now, but may need and be able to recommence this some time in the future if required. 

Sadly the cost of all these treatments for EHS are not covered by our medical rules, so this is all hard on the budget, but if we can find a diagnostic test and prove that we really are sick, this could also change in the future.

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity - a personal experience - EMR Australia, 1st July 2016

Saturday, 1 October 2016

About EHS

Name: Norm Ryder

Location: Currently in Victoria British Columbia, Canada

How long have you been electrosensitive? My EHS story started in 1972

Your story:

The start of the EHS experience Okanagan Area (near Kelowna) of British Columbia.

In 1972 I received a large dose of microwave radiation while working for the provincial government.

A first operation was done to remove an acoustic neuroma from the same side of the head that received the radiation in 2001, and second operation to remove a regrowth was carried out in 2010, and a slow awakening to the fact that I was EHS happened later in the same year.

I was 20 at the time.