Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Radiation and Me - by artist Jane Goodfellow

About 40 years ago I noticed that close proximity to neon tubes made me feel ill, but my life wasn't badly impacted as they were easy to avoid. Then, while working as a graphic designer in the 90's, the industry went Apple Mac mad, and I had to use one or become unemployable (and they certainly made previously laborious tasks quick and easy). However, I soon developed headaches and mild nausea if I used the computer for long periods, so I took frequent breaks.

In about 2005 I started working in publishing as a sub-editor, which necessitated spending ages online, in proximity to Wi-Fi, and I acquired a cellphone, despite being wary of them. And then the poo really hit the fan...

Headaches, poor concentration, insomnia, brain fog and poor memory were just the start, followed by sore glands in the throat and M.E. However, I didn't join the dots and relate these odd symptoms to radiation until about three years ago, when very frequent shingles attacks started blighting my life, and my G.P. couldn't identify a cause. Then, during my 'wake up call' week, I developed a very severe headache and nausea (I couldn't eat for three days), and on glancing in the mirror one morning, I noticed that my left eyelid was drooping, the pupil was hugely enlarged, I couldn't see properly, and was dizzy. Panic stations.

Hectic medical tests ruled out a stroke/brain tumour (I knew I had neither), and the docs concluded that an unknown virus, probably shingles, had damaged the nerve behind my left eye, possibly permanently. I sat down and thought about what had changed in my life that might coincide with the onset of the shingles attacks, and I realised that they'd started soon after I started using Wi-Fi and cellphones, and the very bad eye-damaging attack occurred soon after I'd become hooked on online scrabble, spending much longer periods online than previously.

I tried staying offline for days. Result? No shingles. I went online again. Result? Shingles. Every single time, if I'm online for more than a few minutes. Now I know that radiation doesn't 'cause' shingles; rather, it's the chicken pox virus that is still in my system. But the radiation is definitely irritating my body and my brain, weakening my immune system, and allowing the virus to keep resurfacing. Incidentally, my cousin in Australia has exactly the same symptoms as me, and she also gets shingles when around Wi-Fi. Perhaps this is something for Professor Dominique Belpomme to consider...?

In an effort to earn a living, offline, I am developing my artistic talents whilst simultaneously being compelled to work as a live-in carer of the elderly. Initially, this worked fine, because I was able (at considerable expense) to Wi-Fi-proof my home, and most elderly people had no Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, now most of them do have Wi-Fi, as their carers demand it, and to add insult to injury, they're now getting smart meters too. Smart meters? Oh my heavens - instant insomnia, hyperactive brain, headaches, and, the next day, shingles.

I have a website that needs tweaking and promoting, but I am between rocks and hard places everywhere I turn. I can't do anything on social media myself, and I can't afford to pay a company to do it, so the website gets no traffic I thought of trying to get crowdfunding, but cannot research it.

My social life has hit the skids - I'm single but can't do internet dating, and can no longer go to coffee shops or pubs because of the Wi-Fi and cellphones. Even hiking with friends, an activity I love, is becoming impossible because they won't switch their phones off.

I really am at my wits' end, as I need to work for another ten years. So if anyone knows an elderly person without Wi-Fi/smart meter, who lives in the south or south-west of the UK and who needs caring help, please get in touch. And if you know anyone who is a dab hand at websites and social media who is looking for unpaid work experience, or you have any bright ideas as to how I can fund this, please let me know.

Finally, I am willing to do just about anything to raise awareness of electrosensitivity. We need to get the powers-that-be to allocate WiFi-free, cellphone-signal-free, radio calm areas where people like me can simply live healthy lives, away from the pervasive menace of high tech radiation.

If anyone wants to picket outside Parliament, to get someone to listen to us - for God's sake! - I'll be there in a heartbeat. And any lawyers out there with guts and tenacity (Erin Brockovich?) - you're going to get lots of work in the future!

Jane's website: www.janegoodfellow.co.uk

You can contact Jane via this blog post: please either leave a comment below, which I will pass on to her, or send me an email to forward to her.