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Things which have helped me - Part 1

(Editor's Note: An EHS friend sent me this list of things that help them, and thought that it might be useful for other people too)

"The main health conditions I was diagnosed with are Electrical Sensitivity, Chemical Sensitivities, Food Sensitivities, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia.

I decided to form a list of the things which have helped me so far, as a guide/reference for myself and for other people. I have also compiled a list of treatments for emergency situations for my own use.

In the books ‘Detoxify or Die’ by Sherry Rogers and ‘Vegetarian Cooking Without’ by Barbara Cousins, the authors say that disease is caused by toxicity and lack of nutrition and getting rid of this toxicity and improving nutritional status reverses disease/results in good health. I use avoidance of what is causing harm, and healing with the elements (water, earth, air and fire) as my general approach to healing.

I want to stress that the information I have given may be incorrect.

I have found it is necessary to start with amounts that can be tolerated, e.g. 5 minutes of earthing or a very small amount of a single item of food and build up gradually at a pace that can be tolerated, when introducing or reintroducing things. I have found it helps to build up to doing all the numbers on the list so they can mostly all be done together but to start with the ‘weakest’ things before doing the ‘strongest’ ones. I have not done the things which are written in bold writing but have read reports of or heard of them helping.

1) Becoming aware of and avoidance of anything causing health problems or that is known to cause health problems...

 • Electromagnetic frequencies including light
 • Chemicals (cigarette smoke, pesticides, cleaning products, toiletries, plastics and fumes from industrial sites)
 • Foods (foods containing artificial chemicals, contaminated water, foods intolerant of, high histamine foods, high GI foods, high acidic foods, damp or heat forming foods and radioactive foods)
 • Toxic metals (e.g. in cookware)
 • Mold
 • Dampness
 • Cold air
 • Dust
 • Activity/exercise
 • Poor posture and stress the level and for the duration it is necessary to do so.

Bearing in mind that some things have both beneficial/necessary and harmful health effects. Using a Cerec, Mercury Free dentist to remove amalgam fillings, etc. (and consuming the appropriate nutrients/supplements as necessary) when state of health is as required.

2) Earthing etc..

 • By bare feet, earthing mat and earthing bed sheet
 • Binaural beats and isochronic tones/solfeggio frequencies/resonance
 • Crystals
 • The Personal Harmoniser pendant by Implosion Research
 • A magnetic wriststrap
 • Bioelectric shield pendant
 • Earthing patches

3) Nutrition. Mainly using as guides:

‘Nourishing Traditions’ by Sally Fallon

‘Vegetarian Cooking Without’ by Barbara Cousins (the nutrition advice, which is not just for veggies)

‘The Cancer Journey’ by Dr Pam Evans, Polly Noble and Nicholas Hull-Malham (the nutrition advice)

‘Say no to Arthritis’ by Patrick Holford (chapter 8 - The Detoxification Connection) (the general information) (the general information) (info) (info on nutritional balancing) (the general information, which suggests probiotics to both avoid and include in the diet) (the general information on the website)

‘Anti-cookbook’ by Yasmina Ykelenstam)

Including especially sunlight (for vitamin D3 production) and or vitamin D3 containing foods and supplement, vitamin K2 containing foods, foods naturally containing probiotics and prebiotics, foods containing digestive enzymes, detoxing foods (such as foods containing antioxidants vitamin C and glutathione, foods high in chlorophyll, cruciferous vegetables and sulphur containing foods), foods that repair DNA, foods that help protect against Cancer, foods which help in particular against the effects of radiation and chemicals, vein and artery strengthening foods, natural baking soda, foods that help protect against Alzheimer’s Disease, foods containing vitamin B12 and or vitamin B12 supplement, foods containing essential fatty acids (in the correct ratio), alkaline foods, lower GI foods, anti-inflammatory foods, anti-histamine foods, damp draining/dampening and warming/cooling foods, antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal foods, foods which improve bile flow, foods which prevent constipation, natural salt, filtered water, spring water, foods containing vitamin B17 (bearing in mind the toxicity of this), iodine rich foods and serotonin boosting foods. Superfoods or natural supplements if necessary. Choosing non GM, organic foods/supplements if possible.

Allicin Max supplement. A vitamin K2 supplement. Spring water from an uncontaminated source. Drinking water filtered by a reverse osmosis, de-ionising water filter (a whole house system does drinking and bathing water) and energised by a vortex energiser.

Bear in mind cautions on taking supplements when you have a heavy metal burden, etc. I have read that it takes a minimum of 6 months and maybe even a year to replace missing nutrients.

4) Bamboo clothing and bamboo mats (checking limits for use), a partner’s body heat and indirect/direct sunlight. Bamboo body wraps. A passive-solar or near infrared (NIR) sauna. Bearing in mind the information about doing detox repair prior to using a sauna (in ‘Detoxify or Die’).

5) Adequate fresh air.

6) Stretches, activity. Exercise.

7) Doing things which are enjoyed, rest, relaxation, meditation, mindfulness, affirmations/positive thinking, assertiveness training, breathing correctly. NHS counselling and Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Dynamic Neural Retraining System (DNRS) e.g. Dr Gupta’s or Annie Hopper’s programs.

8) Going to bed by 10pm and sleeping in a dark room with blackout blinds/curtains over windows.

9) Healing sessions (by a healer), qi-gong.

10) Sun, exercise, a traditional electric sauna and a NIR sauna (to cause sweating). A wood burning sauna/passive-solar sauna. The sauna program in ‘Detoxify or Die’, which involves building up to daily 1 hour sessions in a FIR sauna (I would use a NIR sauna), which should be continued for about a year then once a week for life, and taking supplements, bearing in mind the information about doing detox repair prior to detoxification by sauna. Understanding that it might take a different amount of time to detox using different saunas etc.


 • Various NHS and private tests.
 • Asyra bio-resonance machine testing.
 • NAET testing.
 • An RBC, Minerals/Heavy Metals test and other tests recommended in ‘Detoxify or Die’ before detoxification by sauna and at the stated intervals afterwards.

(Editor's Note: Part 2 is to follow)

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Ecopsychology and Environmental Sensitivities - free articles

Special Issue on Ecopsychology and Environmental Sensitivities: Chemical, Electrical, and Beyond

Ecopsychology, Vol. 9, Issue 2

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  • Invisible Barriers, Invisible Disabilities, Invisible People, by Linda Sepp

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  • The Role of Neurogenic Inflammation in Chemical Sensitivity, by William J. Meggs

  • A Comparison of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity with Other Hypersensitivity Illnesses Suggests Evidence and a Path to Answers, by Laurie Dennison Busby

  • A Multilayer Perceptron Neural Network–Based Model for Predicting Subjective Health Symptoms in People Living in the Vicinity of Mobile Phone Base Stations, by H. Parsaei, M. Faraz, S. M. J. Mortazavi

  • An Underworld Journey: Learning to Cope with Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, by Scott Eberle

  • MCS and EHS: An Australian Perspective, by Diana Crumpler