Finding medical therapy for EHS

I was contacted by Audrey Aspeling about including her story on the blog.

She has already written a full account on the EMR Australia website, and so I've included a link to that below, as well as her recent communications with me.

As a retired nurse, and after campaigning to politicians and other prominent people for the past 8 years without much success, I am now concentrating on helping to find a diagnostic test and a legitimate treatment for EHS sufferers by trialling things on myself with the help of my GP, and as I do mention what I have so far found in this regard in my story, others may be interested in my progress so far. 

Of course the treatment I am trialling is pharmaceutical in nature because I have already done the shielding etc. in my home as much as possible at this stage, and as Australia, especially in my state of Victoria, still does not have a safe zone to live and is actually rolling out wifi almost more than anywhere else in the world just now (despite the warnings from me and many others to our authorities), a treatment is probably the only answer, other than locking ourselves away, as people I know are currently still doing...

There is a need for detoxing and rebalancing using the Cyber Trone (therapists can be found on the web) or other effective methods for this, as toxins can make us more prone to electrical sensitivity.

I also think that it is very important to avoid foods which tend to make your condition worse, such as anything to which you have had an allergic response in the past.
Naturally I also do not know yet if long-term use of the medications being trialled is totally safe but I am in touch with a US researcher who has recently expressed that he may be willing to pass my actions on to others at some stage.  
At the beginning, for me the Cyber Trone was almost all I seemed to need along with the removal of wifi etc., but after some other traditional medical treatment needed for another condition seemed to cause my EHS status to deteriorate, the continued detoxing just seems to make rash symptoms worse so I have stopped that now, but may need and be able to recommence this some time in the future if required. 

Sadly the cost of all these treatments for EHS are not covered by our medical rules, so this is all hard on the budget, but if we can find a diagnostic test and prove that we really are sick, this could also change in the future.

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity - a personal experience - EMR Australia, 1st July 2016


  1. The best way to deal with EHS pr4obablly varies as much as the experiences Obviusly the best method is avoid exposure but that is not always possible. I found both a heavy metal detox and a kidney flush helped me. I did these via a herbal route of my own design but I would recommend anyone else use a naturopath or similar to set the program up. I also found hot soaks with 1 cup of baking soda and 2 cups of Epsoms salt added to the water of great benefit.
    Recently will interviewing,fe=17079,fr=lw-001,fs=17052;fc=0,fcr=0,fi=v-rxAhYn2XZg8,r=realtime,rsc=1 Dr Mary Redmayne of New Zealand she mentioned vitamin d may also help

  2. I have been taking LDN for about 4 months and it has not helped me at all. I can't say it won't work for others--but my exposure is horrific where I am forced to stay for now. Soon I can move hopefully and see if it makes any difference. I still cannot tolerate wifi nor can I stand cell towers or phones. Going into my 5th year of trying things--supplements, eating, sleeping differently etc. Nothing seems to have helped. I wonder if calcium channel blockers wouldn't help. I tried this on my own but it caused too many physical symptoms in my heart to continue. Doctors are hesitant to help with that kind of medication. I'd trade some years off if I could have a few good years now. This kind of life is too hard to live.

    1. I tried LDN and it made me quite ill for days. MD said he'd never had a patient react to it but then I am very sensitive to medications. I felt nauseous and couldn't sleep.

  3. oops wrong link (sort of)sent in the earlier comment

  4. I have found a connection of sensitivity to copper toxicity which makes the body an antennae and extremely bothered. Also, a diet which supports a 'Yang Diet' helps settle and feel more grounded. Chicken/vegetable stew with root vegetables is one example.

  5. I have finally found some relief Please contact for support and to connect. Would love to help


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