Sunday, 14 August 2016

A Story of Ehs, and Accepting Loss


Stephanie Dickerson


Georgia, USA

How long have you been electrosensitive (and how long did it take you to make the link to EMFs?)

My symptoms started in 2005, and I realised that I was electrosensitive in 2012.

Your story:

Since I discovered I am EHS, in 2012, I have had to accept loss; loss of my career, loss of my income, family, friends and so much more.

It seems every time I feel like I get used to my “new” restricted life, I must face yet another loss. As more places implement wifi, my world shrinks even more, until there is literally no where I can go comfortably.

It is impossible for non-ehs people to even comprehend the huge burden and the isolation that this condition creates, and the grief one experiences daily for all that has been taken away.

Around 2005 I started having debilitating insomnia and feelings of agitation; I could not relax. I tried everything to keep healthy, and considered many different reasons for my lack of sleep, headaches, anxiety, and general un-wellness.

It never occurred to me that the home wifi, the cordless phone and our 2 cell phones had anything to do with my condition.

For seven years this suffering and complaining went on, and continued to get worst.

Finally, summer 2012, I had the summer off from teaching school and assumed I would improve, but instead, I became very ill.

It didn’t make any sense. I had nothing to do but rest, and rest didn’t help at all! It made NO sense.

How can you rest and not get better?

One day my husband happened to unplug the wifi, and I suddenly felt relief. I couldn’t believe it. My husband saw me relax. He saw me feel better immediately. Both of us were in shock!

We left the wifi off and I started improving each day.

Then school started, I was back to teaching, my happiest time, feeling so good! But then the school installed “high density wifi” in every classroom and I became desperately ill with heart pounding so hard I thought I would drop dead any minute, plus inability to think, weak, terrible digestion, strange chaotic vibrating inside, and also emotional issues as well.

Without any accommodations for my wifi sensitivity by the school, I was forced to leave my job, losing all that goes with having a job one enjoys: fulfillment, daily activity, a life with purpose, friendships at work, not to mention the income and much needed retirement benefits, all lost.

As wireless has increased since 2012, I have lost family relations, friendships, my doctor, and my dentist of 18 years, leisurely shopping, movies, concerts, gatherings, traveling, planes, hotels, even camping now has wifi.

What you'd like your friends and family to know about your life now, and what you'd like them to do:

What helps most is being able to talk about ehs and all that goes with it, just like anyone would like to share their life experiences.

EHS is my life now, day in and day out and talking about it is important to me.

What you'd like health professionals to do, based on your experience:

We need health professionals to recognize the seriousness of the wireless radiation/health connection and accept it as real. We need accommodations, which means having non-wireless areas for us to get needed medical attention without debilitating exposure.

What you'd like politicians, and those in authority, to do:

Politicians need to first recognize ehs as a functional disability, and make accommodations for us. More is needed, but that would be a start.


  1. Thank you for sharing your heartfelt story of loss through EHS Stephanie, but I feel we are asking for crumbs. We need this to be outed for what it is...a dangerous and unsustainable technology, capable of illness, death and total and literal annihilation of entire species. It does need to stop or at least be treated as a dangerous "luxury item" like a cigarette and other controlled substances.

  2. We need to keep blogging and sharing our stories. Here is mine. At 54, I could not understand why I was feeling so many symptoms layering up in my body and head. I was having insomnia and interrupted sleep disorder, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, pain, anxiety, brain fog, blurred vision, imbalance problems and on and on. After struggling and feeling like I was being electrocuted, I wanted to die. We have three amazing children. Dying was not an option. My husband found a device in our basement and covered it with foil, my symptoms went away. It was a "smart meter", I am now healing, after three years, and my types of therapies and holistic health and wellness, little money spent. But I now speak out against smart meters, as they are bringing on these horrific symptoms. As well as the cellphones and wifi. I live in an old home here on Long Island, keeping my home my sanctuary, and I have slowly started to become more normalized now. But it hasn't been easy and it hasn't been quick. A supplemental regimen is imperative, detoxing and breathing along with meditation and "earthing". We can overcome this severe allergy. Mine started out with chemical sensitivity and morphed into electromagnetic sensitivity. Allergy to garlic came around 45, then the chemicals around 52. It has been a long ride, but I stayed strong and resolute and am now going to the movies, shopping malls, libraries and restaurants. Our minds have the power to overcome most anything, and this is no different. We can heal. Get out the smart meters, ASAP, turn off the wifi, clear out the toxins and get back to a simpler life without burdening the body and the brain with wireless. Keep the bedroom a sanctuary. No digital clocks, no smart tvs, no cell phones or computers, NO charging of anything at night while trying to sleep and keep the router and printer unplugged at night. This is how life is going to be in the future and the future is here. This is a forced evolution of the human species and we must adapt. There is no other option, other then to be proactive in our own lives. Communities are cropping up where refugees are finding relief in homes set up for people with sensitivities. And this is a good thing. Morgan Spurlock had a show on CNN about this, check out "Inside Man" and his show about "Toxins" was amazing to see this on the mainstream news. We are all in this together, but we must keep our children safe and become educated, so we can help others in need. Takebackyourpower. It is time!

    1. Thanks for watching Inside Man! Morgan and his crew did a great job.

  3. I don't agree with this "This is a forced evolution of the human species and we must adapt. There is no other option" We cannot adapt; no one can. Meanwhile however rational societies have special towns and villages where we can live (Russa)...some have sheldtered hospital rooms (chile). We need reasonable accommodation and with the creation of special communities, we can have it.

    I feel someone could ask the Amish to create a community for us--show us how to live well without much electricity as they do. Very possible.

    1. You've got it---the Amish have the answer!

  4. Dear Stephanie Dickerson, I too have and EHS and have been ill since 2012. No one can know our plight and how our lives have dramatically changed. We have had to learn to adapt and accept. First off, I learned how to remove all WiFi and wireless technology in my home. It can be done and still be able to be on a computer. I personally am unable to be around cell phones in close proximity, therefore I have to ask my friends and family that come into my home to turn their cell phones off. My health was initially compromised from a smart meter that was installed on my home in 2012. 10 months later it was removed and the old analog meter was put back on. I am now a local activist and educator against smart meters. I have helped many elderly people to know their rights about removing their smart meter, and to get it removed. I continue to raise awareness; for there are now 30 million people globally who have EHS and are fighting for our lives. There is a global awakening and awareness of this problem that affects so many people, and yet I know it may take many more years for this man-made technology and devices to be reduced so that we can all be around this harmful radiation and EMF's.. It's a very sad time for so many of us who have had our health compromised. We must all band together and get the word out.

  5. Thank you Stephane for your story and beautiful picture with violin. Also Liz and the other commenters; I began asking for crumbs when I got sick in 96 because so much information about this radiation was obscure to me. After meeting Liz and all the other dynamic activists and scientists I realized how serious this radiation is and what a threat it is to world wide health. It is a waking up process for all of us. Thank you all. From Jennifer. And so sorry I missed you, Stephane in GB on your visit.

  6. I don't want to be a refugee! My horses are my life - not people. I want to be with my horses, not stuck in a refugee camp.
    That would be horrendously discriminating against us. I totally understand that people want to escape, but the thought of being forced into a 'colony' of electrosensitives would be enough to drive me to end my life.

  7. Note, the Amish have extremely low instances of cancer, also.
    We are making ourselves sick with the new technology and there seems to be no end to "the next new thing!" As long as the public stays "dumbed down," more people will develop EHS. Our job is to keep this topic in the public eye and ear.

  8. I can't even get the local people to believe it exists. They are turning our whole town into a super high frequency with radio towers on each corner, smart water and electric everywhere. The noise I hear gives me constant headaches and sleeplessness yet no one will do anything to stop it. I am considering putting metal siding on my house to get some relief.

  9. I am 54 this month. and since the 5g network was launched with a non-stop cellular mast roll out across the country its almost impossible to go most places for me. Its no longer easy to find a place over a mile from a cellular tower or microwave array. I can no longer live in a home with energized home wiring in the presence of wireless signals/devices. As far as I know, every single electrosensitive person was once "normal"; we went to work, we traveled, we socialized.... we lived FREE from wireless torture.

    To survive I currently live on a boat as far as possible from the nearest cellular tower (microwave array) in a place with (for now) minimal wireless exposure. Whenever one goes up I move. I am semi-retired. In 2016 it has become almost impossible to find paying work or activist work anywhere where wireless radiation is not allowed. With masts going up everywhere/everyday there are less places I can go. To date living on a boat in the location I have chosen is an exposure I can recover in when I do go out and or online.

    The condition is portrayed by mainstream medical and legal establishments as being psychologically based from an irrational fear of something that is completely harmless. That couldn't be further from the truth. There is a mountain of evidence wireless technologies emitting pulsed microwave radiation are dangerous and are being used to manipulate human brains. The globalists, puppet government officials and even most all people made to be addicted to their phones, wifi devices refuse to acknowledge the truth even when confronted with it.

  10. i watched the bats fall to their extinction here when smartmeters came to destroy my life with EHS. frogs dissappeared next ,bees reduced significantly.more trees fall with every new antenna ,and antenna are being added almost monthly now . to put ANYTHING manmade ,or even natural for that matter ,in EVERY environment country wide or GLOBALLY is the most irresponsible action ever . because some people survived the bombing of hiroshima does not mean atom bombs are safe . because some survived chernobyl does not mean nuclear radiation is safe. even peanuts are deadly for some .this is ridiculous to keep deploying these technologies when proof of harm has been established since first deployment.and that "causation" argument ? they still havent "proven causation" between cigarettes and lung cancer .these technologies are harming ALL LIFE

  11. There are increasing amounts of sick people. So many are sick with the cluster of EHS symptoms but they don't know about EHS. Neither do their doctors. So they are diagnosed with some other diagnosis and put on drugs for the symptoms. OR equally as bad--they are told they are imagining their horrifyingly torturous symptoms! The facts are there. And yes--everyone who is now sick was once NOT sick. Was once a productive member of society with jobs, homes, friends, family and a life. Now the affected are isolated from society and dehumanized and marginalized. This must stop. The truth must be told and our government must protect the affected and keep others from becoming sick too. Ultimately though, one has to ask ones self---why is the government denying the veracity of the horribly sick people? Why would the industry seek exemption from prosecution AND get it! There is a much, much bigger agenda here and even people who are already sick are failing to see it. They know people are getting sick. They know that people are dying. They know that this is a perfect set up for surveillance. They know the suffering and pain and loss this is inflicting and yet, they do nothing to stop it. Ask yourself why.