Wednesday, 16 November 2016

EUROPE - Call for EHS feedback!

I've just been sent this article, written by the Dutch Foundation for EHS, concerning the plans recently announced by the European Union for the provision of free wi-fi in public spaces across the member states by 2020.

"The goal was announced by the president of the European Union's executive body, Jean-Claude Juncker, in his annual state of the union address" (BBC, 14th September 2016)

If you would like to have your say on this plan, please use the link below to complete the online EU survey. Note that the closing date for submissions is the 28th November 2016.

Also, if you haven't filled in the online petition created by Michèle Rivasi, calling for EHS to be recognised as a disability, the link for this is at the bottom of this post, along with another link to a whole series of EMF and EHS-related petitions on my Facebook note.

This is an auto-translation of the Dutch Foundation for EHS article, with some tweaks made by me to improve the readability.

No EU funding for WiFi - Let your voice be heard!

The EU wants to subsidize free Wi-Fi. Help prevent this, and send your message directly to the EU.

The EU has launched a large program (Connecting Europe Facilities) to provide people and organizations with better facilities. The program also includes digital wireless communications.

Local parties may receive grants to offer free Wi-Fi, especially in public places, such as hospitals, libraries, railway stations etc.

For people with EHS, the plan represents a substantial curtailment of their ability to be in public spaces. Visits to obtain public services are no longer possible for them without direct, adverse health effects.

This is a form of social exclusion! Public buildings should be accessible to everyone.

One of the members of the European Parliament, Michèle Rivasi , has made us aware of this proposed legislation and the opportunity to participate. She asks us to help her in her struggle in the European Parliament against the ever-growing amount of radiation from mobile communications.

The more people who object, the stronger our voices will be.

Your vote counts; make your objections known via this online EU survey:

Reply before November 28, so that your response counts.

Some sample reasons for objecting:

I'm having (severe) health problems from electromagnetic fields. With this development, I am practically excluded from the public space and public life, and my rights are violated.

No EU (grant) money to a WiFi system. I get health problems.

Public buildings should be accessible to all and remain so, even for people who are electro-hypersensitive (EHS).

The EHS Foundation is, of course, also going to object, on your behalf. Still, it is good that as many people as possible respond. Join us !!!

The proposed scheme has been registered with the EU coding COM (2016) 0589; more information about the plans and the legislative process is here (English):

The Dutch text of the proposal can be found here:

Link to the Dutch Foundation for EHS article (in Dutch):

Link to the English auto-translation of the article:

Michelle Rivasi MEP, referred to above, set up this online petition, which currently has 3404 signatures, as I write this.

Online Petition: "Urgently recognise electromagnetic hypersensitivity as a disability"

Also, if you are in a petition-signing mood, there are a number of other EMF and EHS-related online petitions from around the world detailed in my Facebook note.

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