Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Hopeful for Family Support

Name: Gloria Frank

I would like to ask you and anyone else who would like to share their feelings about some continual issues that arise around my family not supporting me with my EHS.

I love my family with all my heart, and yet they just don't understand my plight with EMF's and radiation.

My sister arrived for the holiday and she sister was kind enough to turn her cell phone off while in my car. I parked the car for a moment to run into my house to get something and then leave again. As soon as I got out of my car, she grabbed her cell phone and went to turn it on.

She doesn't understand that sitting in my car alone without me in the car does not mean it's okay to be on her phone.

I asked her to not do this and she said "Why not, you're not in the car".

Please, please help me by sharing your feelings and experiences and explaining why this is not okay.

I can't be in close proximity to any wireless devices, unlike some people who become ill from cell towers and such from far away.

Possibly hearing comments from other people who are harmed like me will go over much better than my trying to explain to her that in a vehicle that is closed up, and being that I am so ill, that the radiation and EMF's stay inside the car, and then for me to get in the car I become dizzy, lightheaded, blurred vision, massive headaches and heart palpitations.

I would like to show her replies that I receive from all you wonderful people.

Thank you for your help.......with much gratitude

Gloria Frank


  1. I experience the same thing. I've explained this to my parents, my siblings, and my husband. They do not seem to really understand exactly what I go through. Example: My husband loves technology. He always wants the latest phone or pc out there. When he gets it, I have to remind him 1000x to not bring his phone around me or to put his pc away when not using it. I truly believe that I have to have physical symptoms that can be seen in order for him to understand. I have to stay in one room in my home with the electricity shut off to that room. As soon as I leave that room, I feel it. Pressure on my head mostly. I feel weak. Off balance. Dizzy. One side of my face starts to feel like its burning. Eyes feel weird. Brainfog. I can feel the exact moment when the ac/heat comes in or goes off. My husband will have the dishwasher running, the dryer on, his pc playing a movie and be on his phone at the same time and I cannot go to that side of the house unless I have to.

    Ive explained this to family but I think they believe im going crazy. And ive found that because they do not go through it, they dont care to turn off their devices.

    1. Hi, my son is going through the same thing so i really do understand what you're going through. Its heartbreaking to see him go through this when the nhs wont help him. My son is attending Breakspear hospital and he has spent thousands trying to get better but even that doesn't seem to be helping anymore as his body has all swelled up. I am sick with worry for him as i dont know where he can get help anymore. If anyone knows who can help him, please let me know 😢😢

  2. I spent 3 weeks with my mother and father whose only contact with the world is through my mom's cell phone. They live in the country and do not have a land line, cable, a computer or a TV. They watch movies on the cell phone! When I am with them I have to ask my mom to turn it off which naturally she feels naked doing. What helped me was one time I started to immediately get sick when we started to drive off - it started within a 1/2 mile of leaving the house. It got worse and worse to the point my head was about to explode and my stomach felt like a knife was in it. They also have bluetooth in the car and when the phone is on, it want's to connect. I said are you SURE you turned everything off and she said yes, insisting she had. I then said I think I needed to go home and to turn around and so she check her phone and sure enough it was on. She turned it off and the symptoms began to subside. After that she was much more mindful and said, wow, I really thought it was off and you could still tell. I also share literature and science with her and as a retired nurse, this is helpful too - she believes science.

  3. My husband collaborates with me in only putting the washing machine on when I am not in the house... he has been exceptionally supportive... researched on the internet for me to find solutions.. and I am now at a much improved level..

  4. It took 6 to 8 months for me to become extremely sensitive to a large spectrum of EMFs after two electronic public utility meters were installed at my home (unbeknownst to us).

    I knew that I was sensitive to cell phones when I began experiencing pain in my ear a few years earlier. I stopped putting the phone to my ear, and the pain went away.

    Problem solved, right? I had no problem with WiFi or a wireless computer mouse.

    But now, after being irradiated by the electronic utility meter for several months, I can't even hold a hardwired computer mouse for very long without feeling pain and burning in my hand.

    The first time a friend's cell phone rang while she was riding in my car, I got an instant headache. I didn't realize I was so sensitive, but I am. Now I tell anyone riding in my car to turn their cell phone completely off, and keep it off.

    I wish EHS was not real. But it is. Even our dogs were affected by the electronic utility meters, until we wrapped them in lead sheeting (because of no "opt-out" choice).

    I've heard stories of horses trying to dig holes in their pastures to escape from the radiation of an electronic public utility meter.

    When animals that don't know about electronics, are reacting to electronics, something IS amiss.

    1. Sorry I write as anonumos but i have fear as I have a pace now where I can live and it is so unsafe to have it long. We were dicussing the topic of utility meter with my husbang (we both have EC) and were thinking when it reaches us we will just sheld it with 80-100 db protection matirials so it will send nothing.
      have you thought about douing so?

  5. The lack of understanding or support by family and friendsis mentioned in some scientific articles and treatment recommmendations of EHS. Showing these papers to family members may be of help.

  6. Tell your sister that I am a son of a electrosensitive mother that killed herself in 2012 due to this problem. All of us did everything, nobody can imaging our torture. We understood 100% the problem from the first second... Although we did our best, my mother was more affected each day, because it´s really difficult to go away from this society... Only one think... comprenhension, and think that this technology is working as a drug, they can live without mobiles :-( BR/Angel

  7. It is so tragic when people put their cell phones above the health and comfort of others. Maybe they don't understand completely--but if you had cancer and asked them not to smoke--they likely wouldn't give you so much trouble. We get mocked and "tested" all the time. Why? People are addicted to their phones and they fear if YOU are sick--then they could get sick too. So they deny it and pretend that it is just you being overly cautious or even crazy. The world will come to understand the truth but many will get sick, suffer, and die first. THAT is the real tragedy. For those who disbelieve and put your phones on--you are physically hurting another person as surely as if you stabbed them. Every exposure that an electrosensitive person gets is like a torture session. When you expose an electrosensitive to wireless radiation--you ARE torturing them. How and why do people do that? It is hard to say.

  8. I am diagnosed with ehs. I can't ride in a car with cell phone even present I receive enough from other cars cellphones I can't have cell phone in the yard after so many minutes to hours, depending n the charge of the battery. There can be another antenna inside the cell phone that is active assisting connections from one phone to another and I am physically aware of that transmission through physical symptoms such as ringing in my ears and dizziness. I can become very unbalanced, blurred vision, twitches in my eyes, light headed, heart palpitations, emotional, agitated, raging....when these things start to happen to me over a period of hours or even minutes I know there is a cell phone nearby and I have to leave or it has to leave immediately.

  9. Yep Gloria, at times I feel I am the only one in Australia who suffers the same way as you do. As I sit in front of the computer to comment I am burning and dying. Just have to keep going being who I am and suffer in silence---it's not easy. The medical profession doesn't even want to know and just ignore our plight.

  10. I would make arrangements to drive separately. I don't think people understand until you set a boundary. It's important for loved ones to know it's important to you.

  11. While my partner and I were discovering that it was the EMF's affecting me, he used his mobile phone 3 times for extended periods of time in the car. 3 times he put me into almost complete paralysis. This was like the worst case of Anaemia you can imagine. Even breathing felt like too much effort for my chest to rise. My whole body weakness was so severe I couldn't move but my heart was struggling to beat. I'm guessing that because EMF make the red blood cells stick together, that I was in a very vulnerable state for a heart attack. The only thing every time, that saved me was grounding. Twice my partner buried me in the sand at the beach we were travelling to, for 30 mins when I could move a little. Then a full 2-3 hours later of hands and feet buried, I'd be back to normal. The other time, I used a grounding mat for hours and when I could move I painted my whole upper body with Bentonite Clay. All of these things provide negative ions that neutralize the effects of the positive ions emitted by EMF wireless frequencies. Because of the complete helplessness, my anxiety over being caught in an enclosed space with a mobile phone, is panic driven. I run from phones and my whole family think I'm nuts but they don't have to live with the consequences of exposure. If someone uses a phone in an enclosed space and its off when you enter it, the waves are still present in the air and can still affect you. Its very hard to get this message across to people who can't comprehend why you're so affected when its not doing that to them. And then there's the addiction to their device that drives them to instinctively reach for the Dopamine hit that will assuage their own anxiety. In the past, people reached for their cigarettes to calm that anxiety and after 30 years of believing that it was safe to do this, evidence showed that smoking directly causes Cancer. And I'm sure there was large groups of smokers that couldn't comprehend this fact because they didn't have Cancer. Fast forward to today, we know now, after so many people suffering from Cancer, that smoking is dangerous. People won't get the message until its irrefutable and unavoidably in their face. :(