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EHS isn't always invisible...

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In addition to Diana's post here, Towards Better Health has published an article about her containing links to interviews and press coverage. There's a link to this below.

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Diana Boughton



How long have you been electrosensitive?

Over 15 years

Your story:

Discriminated against, ridiculed, disbelieved, humiliated, misunderstood, isolated – these are some of the ‘symptoms’ of electrohypersensitivity (EHS), from which I have suffered for over 15 years.

I noticed a problem when my parents gave me a computer for my new home, which connected to the internet via dial-up. It was the first piece of technology I’d had during my adult life and within a few days of regular use I noticed that my ears were ringing whenever the computer was switched on.

Then I bought a mobile phone and I experienced a further range of symptoms when the phone was switched on and these were worse when I was actually using the phone. I had a fuzzy head, head pains and blurred vision. The ringing in my ears (tinnitus) increased with phone use until it became constant and permanent.

When exposed to electrical devices that emit microwave radiation, I can’t sleep, can’t think clearly, can’t remember things properly, and feel very ill and nauseous.

I was forced to leave my job when DAB digital radios were brought into the workplace. I’d already been struggling to cope with Wi-Fi and nearby mobile phones at work but the nature of the job allowed me to keep some distance from these devices, although they still made me feel very unwell.

The introduction of DAB radios left me with a severe pain down my spine and I almost lost the use of my right arm.

Exposure to electromagnetic radiation also worsens the symptoms of my psoriatic arthritis. It’s even possible that my arthritis was caused by the effects of radiation on the immune system.

The world seems to be obsessed with electronic gadgets and wireless technology and it is becoming impossible to escape from the electrosmog that made me ill. My neighbour’s Wi-Fi bombards its way into my property and creates a living hell for me.

I rarely socialise because everyone is permanently attached to a mobile phone and all homes and social venues have Wi-Fi. On the odd occasion when I do socialise, I feel unwell at the time and usually feel even worse the next day. People invite me out and say that they want to ‘treat’ me. What they don’t understand is that to take me out is to ‘torture’ me.

Having a relationship is not possible, thanks to EHS. Boyfriends come complete with mobile phones and are unwilling to switch them off for any length of time. During the whole time I’ve had EHS, I’ve only come across one man who was willing to switch everything off when I was with him.

Unfortunately, he lived next to a phone mast. After about a month of exposure to the mast, my skin was covered in burn-like lesions thanks to the radiation that it emitted. Although I was in agony, it was a relief to have some visible symptoms of EHS. My friends who saw my ‘burnt’ skin took me seriously. At last, they could see the devastating physical effects that electromagnetic radiation was having on my body.

Prior to being ‘burnt’ by the mast, I had never come across another person with EHS – in fact, I didn’t know it was called EHS! I found other victims of this condition via Dave Ashton’s Facebook group ‘UK Electrosensitives’ and realised that I wasn’t a one-off weirdo.

When I saw how many lives were being ruined by EHS, I realised that my visible symptoms were evidence that EHS is real and I decided to ‘go public’ in order to help raise awareness of the condition.

The UK Government, advised by Public Health England, is turning a blind eye to us. The government knows our condition exists, knows it is a genuine biological phenomenon, and knows that it is caused by exposure to electromagnetic radiation. However, it is inconvenient for them to admit this so they refuse to acknowledge its existence.

I have written to the Department of Health and they have failed to address any of my comments. Why? Presumably because they would either have to lie in order explain their denial, or, they’d have to admit that EHS is a genuine condition that they are CHOOSING  not to recognise.

What you'd like the Government and health professionals to do:

It is not acceptable for our government and our medical profession to ignore the facts and to refuse to recognise our condition. This needs to change as a matter of urgency.

I think that if the government recognise the condition, then the other issues would be dealt with. In my opinion, the crux of the matter is getting it formally recognised.

A guy from the Citizens Advice told me to write 'electrosensitive' on any form that asked about medical conditions because it was only a matter of time before it was recognised. He cited ME as a similar example, where people were told it was all in their heads.

Once it's recognised, the excuse 'we can't turn off the Wi-Fi for ONE person' would be as acceptable as saying 'we can't have a wheelchair ramp for just ONE person'. My strongest feeling about this whole thing is the lack of justice and fairness.

Burnt by a Mobile Phone Mast - Towards Better Health

Electrohypersensitivity (EHS) Electrosensitivity Part One - Employment difficulties, YouTube

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  1. Hello Diana,

    You and I have so much in common. I sit here with tears rolling down my face as I read your blog. I could have written this myself. No one can even comprehend what we go through, but you have done a wonderful job in sharing your feelings and outlining all the many challenges that we have endured. You have basically covered every area of our lives, and you have done an amazing job communicating our issue of EHS.

    My health has been compromised since 2012, and words cannot adequately describe all that I have lost in my life due the man-made high emitting radiation that has made me very ill. I too lost my job, I have challenges with my own family and friends not understanding that I need for them to turn their cell phones off when they are in close proximity to me due to painful headaches, my inability to think clearly and even speak clearly. And as far as a relationship, you are so's impossible.

    I have taken a very difficult situation and tried to make it into a positive. I am a local activist and educator against smart meters, wireless cell phones and WiFi. I have been gifted with a free ad in a local magazine which lets people know about the symptoms of EHS and what they can do about it. I have now helped 20 people to get their smart meters removed from their home, and the old Analog meter put back on. These people are all elderly, and I am so deeply thankful to be able to help them.

    I wrote, called and emailed Tom Wheeler with the FCC regarding the roll-out of the even higher emitting radiation with 5G. Thousands of us contacted him and all he did was ignore our pleads to stop this insanity.

    Much is being proven regarding the toxicity and harm to our health with EHS,and there are now 30 million people globally who's lives have been harmed and compromised. It takes time, but I feel that at some point it will have to cease.

    I hope that we can keep in touch and support one another, and help to get the word out. This is a promise to myself and I will never stop being an activist and an educator.

    All of us who have EHS need to band together. I am so honored to know about you today, and I send much compassion to you, Gloria Frank

  2. What is going on here is a crime against humanity. My wife has EH, but we should be careful not to label people who have it as being deficient in some way. What they are experiencing is a correct biological reaction to a highly toxic environment. Good luck with your fight over there. We are doing all we can here to raise awareness with the government. See, for instance

    1. Hi Lewis, Yes indeed, it is all a crime against humanity. I have compassion for your wife, for I know her plight personally. The harm to our biological body, our cells and our DNA are being compromised as you already know, and our world is extremely toxic as you mentioned. So glad we are all trying to raise awareness. My best to you and your family.

  3. Thanks Gloria. You're doing amazing work! I'm continuing to lobby the government and generally raise awareness wherever I can.

    1. Hi Diana, We both are on the same path of wanting to raise awareness and to simply get the word out. Millions of us are ill, and millions more have no idea what we are even talking about. The Military calls wireless and WiFi the "Perfect Weapon"....most people can't see it, taste it, smell it, touch it or feel it. For those of us who can feel it and are ill, it is a living nightmare. In support of all that you are doing, I applaud you. Gloria Frank

  4. Strange... there was so much that I wanted to say, but something about that word "burns" has triggered an overwhelming emotion within me - floodgates opened and tears refuse to stop. Since 2009, my journey with EHS has been one hellish ordeal after another, with minimal understanding, support or acknowledgement.
    Thank you for posting this article. It helps immensely knowing that there are other people experiencing like-issues, and it's not "all in my head". Thanks again. Joy Williams-Garcia

    1. Thanks Joy, and no - it's definitely not "all in your head".