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As people are drowning, the FCC is Creating Tsunamis

As people are drowning, the FCC is Creating Tsunamis

Name: Patricia Burke

Location: Massachusetts, USA

In 2005, I wanted to lower my carbon footprint, and relocated within walking distance of my yoga studio in a nearby city. I rented a third- floor apartment in an old Victorian house. Immediately, my health began to fall apart. I had sleep issues, prolonged menstruation, headaches, brain fog, unrelenting fatigue, anxiety, digestive issues, weakness, a compromised immune system, and increasing food allergies.

Another tenant had a cordless phone that interfered with the cordless phone that someone had given me, so I kept using a landline phone with a long cord. I still use it.  I believe this is one of the reasons I am still alive. It never occurred to me that products like cordless phones that can cause health damage could be marketed as consumer goods.  At the time, I also didn’t know about health risks posed by area antennas. Like most people, I assumed that wireless devices had to have already been proven safe. 

In 2008, after a third year of increasing decline and exhaustion, I moved across the country to northern California in order to save my life.  I didn’t know anyone there, didn’t have a job, but I knew that if I stayed where I was, I wouldn’t survive.

I did not know at the time that I would subsequently move 16 more times in the next few years, and that I would no longer be able to work, study, teach, access public transportation or health care, or participate in life.

Moving to California was jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. In 2009, California began rolling out wireless ‘smart’ electric utility meters that blanket communities with pulsed microwave radio frequencies 24/7.  All of my symptoms became worse. I was receiving shocks out of thin air to the side of my head and developed tinnitus.  Thankfully, my acupuncturist recognized immediately that I had microwave illness, also known as Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity.

I met others who were also sick, and noticed that different people had different symptoms.  One person had nosebleeds, two of us turned bright red when we had a reaction, one began losing weight, some gained weight, some had headaches, others could not digest and absorb their food, but we were all metabolic train wrecks. 

From my background in yoga and Chinese Medicine, I realized that each person’s early warning symptoms initially varied according to their constitutional strengths and weaknesses. This is one of the major problems with the way that the West looks at environmental illnesses, because of the emphasis on drugs and profit.

Once I understood that electric fields, magnetic fields, dirty electricity, and radio frequencies were making me sick, I started sleeping outside in a tent, as far away as possible from power lines and homes. Still, I got worse.  In mid-2010, barely functioning, I called my mother and asked her to come to CA and bring me home to MA because I was too weak to travel alone. I was planning my funeral.  I don’t say this to be dramatic; I say this to convey how destructive the health decline is when the human energy field is chronically and cumulatively assaulted by artificial frequencies and cannot recover.

When I came back to Massachusetts, I moved to a small town near the ocean and began to heal, but I was aware that radio frequencies were being introduced into communities without knowledge or consent due to my reactivity. I watched the City installing new utility infrastructure including industrial scale wind turbines, and literally didn’t sleep for 6 weeks. I moved again.

I thought that I would be able to reach out to environmentalists, policy makers, and citizens on the East Coast to make them were aware of the carnage unfolding in California due to smart meter deployment. Incredulously, smart meter safely claims in the U.S. are based on unsupported statements by a career tobacco scientist from Massachusetts. He belongs before an international criminal court rather than being paid by regulators to testify against citizens.  The Governor, Legislature, regulators, and leading environmental groups are mostly unresponsive, and still promoting their idea of sustainable investment and development based on wireless smart meters and infrastructure and demand response.

There are times in history when early warnings have been heeded, and there are cultures that seek to protect the unique biology of women and children.  There are nations passing regulations to protect nature, like Bolivia and Ecuador.

I am not living in any of these paradigms. 

So-called green energy and energy efficiency industries are repeating the same violations of human rights and the environment as the extractive industries of the fossil fuel model, and promoted by the same corporations. The right to land, access to clean food and water, protection of health and safety, privacy, security, and informed consent have been obliterated. 

I believe that history will have a very difficult time comprehending how the core values of so many environmentalists have been manipulated beyond recognition by the prevailing political power and economic structure’s promotion of smart meters, smart grids, and smart cities.

Damage caused by the unexamined use of chemicals by previous generations is now being repeated by the commoditization of the electromagnetic spectrum. Many of the same individuals fighting Monsanto are buying IPhone 7’s, putting Wi-Fi into schools, and supporting the rollout of a 5G network. Individuals opposing fossil fuel infrastructure are embracing vague references to grid modernization and increased efficiency with no concept of the destruction they are endorsing.

In the beginning EHS sufferers were ridiculed, marginalized, and dismissed as whack jobs, Luddites, and tin foil hats with imaginary illnesses.  Symptoms were attributed to the nocebo effect, implying that the fear of exposure was causing distress.

Now that clear biomarkers have been identified, some industry spokespersons are admitting that people are truly suffering, but claiming that there is no association with wireless exposure.  This represents an abject failure of political and scientific will. Science-based protocols like those developed by the American Academy of Environmental Medicine in Texas prove that some individuals are experiencing biological stress when exposed to specific microwave radio frequencies.

There is a tremendous amount of wisdom born of experience in the EHS community.  Many recognize that radiofrequencies collapse the protective electromagnetic field that surrounds the body, which is the first line of defense for the energetic immune system.  The hollow organ energies can speed up their function in an attempt to protect the organism in an emergency.  Radio frequencies put the Yang meridians of Oriental Medicine and the hollow bodyguard organs into a state of dysregulation. When the energy system is chronically under-aroused, unstable, and/or over-aroused, it eventually becomes exhausted, setting the stage for disease. 

The body will prioritize protecting the heart, and sacrifice other functions accordingly. Research has already proven that radio frequencies directly alter the functioning of the heart itself. RF also artificially activates brainwaves in many EHS sufferers. The EHS population is eclipsed out of life due to the need to minimize exposure.

Cohorts of EHS victims are reaching the state where unrelenting stress is manifesting as disease. Some have died. The narrow focus on brain tumors in cellphone users repeats the historical focus on lung cancer in smokers that delayed regulation for decades. Meanwhile, deaths from neurological diseases and chronic childhood illnesses are skyrocketing in the US. 
The wireless industry is unregulated regarding non-thermal effects due to neglect and malfeasance by elected officials focused on short-term profit.  EHS sufferers can barely stay afloat in their lives. As people are drowning, the FCC is creating tsunamis.

I advocate with colleagues across the country and internationally challenging the deployment of smart meters, 5G, and Wi-Fi in schools. My heart breaks when people contact me who are so debilitated that they cannot advocate for themselves. Rarely am I not in pain.  But if I were a parent of an EHS child, my burden would be unbearable.  I speak for those who can no longer speak, confronting false promises of wireless technologies, especially smart meters.

Alan M. Eddison is the Director of Green Energy Affairs in Zimbabwe. His quote “Modern technology owes ecology an apology,” is a wake-up call to those who continue to support wireless industries without addressing the collateral damage being born by those being injured. There is already enough evidence. We think we are addressing the health and environmental damage of fossil fuels with a smarter grid, but are instead unleashing another wave of destruction and consumption under the guise of sustainability. 

We do not need more animal research. The answer is not more technology.

We need authentic environmental stewardship and protection of human rights. We need an informed heart that re-aligns human activity with Natural Law, with reverence for the Sun’s energies as the source of all of life on Earth.

And as Dr. Toryl Jelter stated, “We have very serious ethical questions we need to ask. Is my need to talk to anyone, anywhere, more important than a child’s need to talk at all in a lifetime?”


  1. Fantastic description of everything!! I suffer the same as you. I am 54 and with a non-stop cellular mast rollout across the country its increasingly almost impossible to go most places for me. I have lived in various places around the world and have friends in many places. I cannot live in a home or apartment due to the fact I can not be around home wiring, especially in the presence of wireless signals/devices. To survive I currently live on a boat in a place with (for now) with minimal wireless exposure in Long Island. I was diagnosed with Fibro MCS and CFS in the 1990's, later figured out I have EHS and the emf/microwave connection/solution. I have spent the last 20 yrs connecting the dots. The acculumaltive and prolonged exposure to microwave radiation from wireless technology causes all my worst symptoms.My MCS is only exists when I get exposed to wireless emissions. My sensitivities put me on a path to understand the insane world of geo-politics where killing humanity with microwaves is required for world government to come into being. My research:

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