Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Life Behind a Closed Door

Ann Hardwick - Life Behind a Closed Door

I've never met Ann in person, and due to her condition (and my own), it seems likely that I never will. I've written one or two letters to her, and I received a very nice card from her a while back.

Ann has severe multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) and electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS), and she has been made housebound by her condition. She cannot have people in her house, and keeps the windows tightly closed, to keep the toxins outside from getting in.

People who visit her, including her son, and her helper, Mel, have to communicate with her from outside, through the window. Mel posts online, as Ann is unable to do this herself.

At one time, the NHS did pay for her to have treatment from Breakspeak Medical. This helped her to have a near-normal life, but when the funding was revoked after 3 years, she was forced to stop the treatment, and her condition worsened again.

Ann then managed to raise some more money, so that she would be able to have some more treatment, and attend her son's wedding.

This post is to raise awareness of her plight, and to appeal for support and understanding.

As the toxins in our environment continue to proliferate (apparently out of control), authorities and politicians fail to act, health services fail to understand the problem, and the scientists argue among themselves, the suffering of a growing number of people is beyond anything that a so-called civilised society should tolerate.

If you want to contact Ann, you can do this via Facebook, and Mel will relay any comments on.

Below, I've copied some of the links and photos that I've found relating to Ann's life as it is now, trapped and hidden in her house.

Ann Hardwick - Facebook page


Trapped in her home by Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Electrical Sensitivity, Ann lives a desperate, isolated, deprived life. We, her carers have set up this page and her website to draw attention to her plight.

She cannot use the phone, computer, watch tv or listen to the radio. She is housebound and cannot have anyone enter the house due to how ill chemicals such as washing powder make her.

The picture of her porch on this page is where visitors must sit and talk to her through a glass door.

Please highlight her story and if you or anyone you know can help.....

Trapped and Hidden - Life Behind a Closed Door - Ann's website

Here's a picture of Ann's son visiting her. He has to sit in the porch and talk to her through a window.The treatment that would mean Ann could give her son a hug is available but not the funding for it....

Facebook post, 5th September 2016

Ann wanted to share the state of the mould in her kitchen. The kitchen is also the room she sleeps in... she is too ill to treat it herself and anyone entering her house would make her incredibly ill so it's a vicious circle, because obviously, the mould is seriously detrimental to her already failing health #mcs #ehs #impossiblesituation

Facebook post, 15th September 2015

Ann needs someone to fight the fight she cannot fight.
Someone to speak on her behalf to 'officials'.. Social Services, MP's, Counsillors.
She needs a voice.
The voice of someone who is passionate about the issues that affect her but that can also dedicate the time and energy needed for her cause.
Is there anyone out there?
PLEASE SHARE.... you never know, we may find someone....
#ehs #mcs

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