Tuesday, 13 September 2016

EHS-related comments to the FCC

EHS-related comments to the FCC - deadline 30th September 2016

My comment: I was sent the emails below, and I will be submitting a comment to the FCC about my own electrosensitivity, and how the advent of 5G technology will make my life even more tortured than it already is.

I'm not even in the US, but that makes no difference. 5G cellular technology is planned where I am too.

Please consider sending a comment in - even if it's only a brief one. It will then be on record, and at some point, the FCC must be held accountable for the fact that it was warned - so many times - about the harm that the uncontrolled wireless proliferation is doing.


The US Federal Communication Commission has just given approval for 5G technology testing. 5G would mean putting antennas on every light or electrical pole and will saturate the US with RF radiation.

We are asking those with EHS to write about your story to the FCC in hopes to shed light on those that are getting sick and will only get sicker with 5G.

We would love for you to share your story.

Below are instructions on how to submit an FCC filing. Let me know if you have any questions:

Thank You In Advance,



Please Everyone -

Submit your comments regarding additional frequencies within the 5G spectrum that the FCC is going to vote on within 24-70 GHz as well as even higher spectrums 71-76 GHz, 81-86 GHz and 95 GHz. 

Please follow the instructions below, it will allow you to comment on 5 different dockets at once.

You may want to comment specifically on the ways they want to use this 5G technology such as: "machine-to-machine communications, healthcare devices, autonomous driving cars, and home and office automation." See link for more information:

Media, decision makers and other organizations definitely look at these comments. Please submit many many individual, small comments with attachments because it seems that it's more about the number of comments than the nature of the comments.

The deadline is September 30th but please begin submitting now!

It will help to have these comments on the record to refer to as I visit with individual congress members in person now and demand they stop the roll out of 5G!!

Follow These Instructions to Make Comments:

1. Click on this link   http://fjallfoss.fcc.gov/ecfs2/.
2. Click on "Submit a Filing" Tab at the top of the page.
3. Click on "Express a Comment" (on top of the page) to just make a comment or "Standard Filing" to attach documents (one of which can be your comment).
4. You can make one comment for all five docket numbers at once. Simply type in or Copy and Paste each of these Docket numbers one at a time into the "Proceedings" Field and make sure they are accurately displayed in the window: 14-177, 15-256, RM-11664, 10-112, 97-95
5. Fill out all required fields and click "Enter" or "Return" before you go to the next field.
6. Once all fields are filled our - click continue screen.
7. Review and submit.
8. Make sure you write down your confirmation # so that you can check on your submission.

Thank you for your help and support.  If you have any questions email rolamasri@sbcglobal.net.

Kevin Mottus

California Brain Tumor Association


  1. I hadn´t heard about the electrosensitive... But in 2011 everything changed, we lived a nightmare in the hell. My mother started with horrible symptoms, she whas 64, she didn´t know anything about technology, but she started to feel the radiation from mobiles, antennas, WIFI and DECTs... It was the beginning of the end. She killed herself due to this torture... Now I know hundreds of people with the same story. We´ll see in the very next future how will affect to the whole population.

    1. I'm so sorry to hear that Minerva.

      The terrible health effects of this ubiquitous microwave radiation are something that very few people know about or will accept yet - even though we're all affected, regardless of whether or not we become sensitised.

      Not for nothing do the 221 experts who have signed the International EMF Scientist Appeal, sent to the UN, all UN members states, and the World Health Organisation, describe this situation as an "emerging public health crisis related to cell phones, wireless devices, wireless utility meters and wireless infrastructure in neighborhoods".

    2. I have recently read a story that indicated that suicides for all age groups had skyrocketed. They state they have no clues as to why. Perhaps they would do well to look at the extreme discomfort people are in due to radiation exposure across the globe. It creates both physiological and psychological stresses on the body and because it is invisible, people do not want to or cannot connect it to their dysfunctions. It is high time that those in positions of power and influence start to look at the real research and the real stories behind this torture of the citizens of the globe.

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