Sunday, 25 September 2016

Have your say by September 30th

Have your say by September 30th - reminder

Just a quick reminder that you can have your say on the plans for 5G technologies on the FCC website; comments need to be submitted by the 30th September 2016. Instructions for doing this are in the following 2 posts on this blog:

EHS-related comments to the FCC (concerning 5G)

My comment to the FCC

Also, you can submit your EHS testimonial to We Are The Evidence, the new initiative founded by Dafna Tachover.

Dafna and Kevin Mottus are currently in Washington DC, meeting with the decision makers, and lobbying on behalf of people harmed by wireless technologies.

Again, the deadline for this - I think - is 30th September 2016.

We Are The Evidence

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  1. I've submitted a comment. I feel quite ill at the moment, so it is very brief.