Thursday, 22 September 2016

Derailed by Microwaves

Derailed by Microwaves

Name: Sylvan Moir

Location: Kent, England

How long have you been electrosensitive (and how long did it take you to make the link to EMFs?)

I have been electrosensitive, or electrosensible as somebody I know calls it, probably for many years, perhaps my whole life. I became severely affected by the microwaves now blanketing most of the inhabited space of our planet, in about 2013.

Your story:

I had been living in the mountains, away from most artificial emfs. The masts were going up for years, and wifi becoming more prevalent, and mobile 'phones ; but it was not until about 2013 that I became essentially a refugee from microwave bombardment, unable to live most places because levels of exposure now considered normal were too painful and incapacitating for me.

I had been aware that the energy from, for example, mobile 'phones was extremely noxious for years before, because whenever I put one to my head, it would feel deadened and numbed.

I never had a mobile 'phone, except for one day (took it back the next day) because I always felt this was a dead-end technology unworthy of true human beings fit to inhabit the planet as a blessing rather than a curse.

I had visceral and highly traumatic encounters with the new microwave-emitting technologies on occasions when I had to stay somewhere and tried staying in a b and b or hotel which had wifi or even just dect 'phones or a wifi -reliant fire alarm system.

I would find I couldn't sleep, would not remember dreams, would be constantly exhausted, would suffer high anxiety, irritation and anger, with a constantly racing heart, tinnitus and confusion. My thoughts would become weak, my memory poor and I would be swept up in a sort of delirium.

At the end of 3 nights I would be severely traumatised: getting more and more drained and having to get out, come what may.

I had been living in the mountains. Then, a little before 2013, I had to leave. I looked for places AWAY from irradiation and masts.

I had been writing music in the mountains of Cumbria - a wonderful occupation in itself. So I tried to go back somewhere close to where I had to leave my home further up the valley.

I moved into a large place near the river. I felt terrible. My sleep was terrible and I was getting more and more drained; it felt like I was bent double with every movement a trial. I had of course checked the place for microwave radiation and given it the thumbs up before moving in. I knew it was in an unpolluted valley, and very detached.

After a fortnight or so I eventually found the culprit. There is a tetra mast - a small one - about a mile up the hill from that house. It is hardly ever used by anybody- being a police mast for the benefit of the odd police car that ventures up the valley maybe once a year.

But it was irradiating the house, and although the levels were low on my meter, because of the frequency - tetra - it was particularly noxious for me.

It took me 6 months to leave that place. I found some relief by moving to a camp-site 3 miles away (shielded from the mast - as was my original home further up the valley) and just coming to the house to eat and use the 'phone. I noticed it would take about 2 hours of being back to feel badly affected, and 5 hours to start feeling terrible again.

Since then things have been very difficult. I live now with relatives in a house with extremely unusually low levels of microwaves - no dect phones, no wifi, no "smart" meter, no mobile 'phones, and low ambient levels from masts and houses around.

Of course this could change as "smart" meters are pushed onto people and the new 5G comes in and various bodies decide to put radiating antennae up on lamp-posts etc.

I remember vividly several months of hell when levels had gone up here, and before my protective canopy, which I now use to sleep in, had arrived.

It just felt like a never-ending whirlpool of ever-deepening despair and pain and exhaustion. I became acquainted for the first time in my life with states of deepening trauma that just seem like a nightmare that only worsens and intensifies the longer it goes on.

I had no spontaneous smile left for weeks. I felt my personality changing under the onslaught and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

PTSD I guess - Syrian vistas of destruction and shell-shock (written 2016) courtesy not of ISIS but people like Vodafone, O2 and most of all our conniving governments who allow and promote the irradiation for the billions it brings in in tax and licensing, and because they are too scared to protect the public and especially people like me, because it will cost them votes.

I have connected now with many other "ES" people, which makes the burden more bearable.

I cannot go on a train journey without suffering - since the trains are mostly wifi-ed and are full of people using their phones and tablets.

I need a couple of days to recover after the high-microwave environment of London, and I cannot stay there overnight.

I cannot stay in a house with wifi or dect 'phones - so I cannot really travel, without extreme care.

Most of the world is off-limits so far as living there or even staying overnight goes. I avoid gatherings with mobile 'phones and tablets - so most social situations are difficult for me.

I am therefore isolated and marginalised.

It is hard enough (impossible enough) making your way as a composer. The added isolation and suppression of being "ES" in the world as it now is makes it much harder. Luckily I have a small independent income. But it is small - and chances of supplementing it without outside work are now virtually zero.

In a sense, with the irradiation of most of everywhere with microwaves, I have lost the entire world.

There is a lot of grief about this, because love and warmth are conditional shrunken entities in a world so polluted as to remove the possibility of my relating to it with them.

Somebody - something has removed the entire world and most of its inhabitants too (they have become techno-obsessed acolytes).

It is difficult to see humanity destroying its wild heritage by blasting emfs, particularly microwaves, damaging to all life, across large parts of the biosphere.

To me it is a development as serious and dark as the efforts of the Nazis 70 years ago.

I had been used to feeling the energy of the dawn and of the mountains - very distinctly and very powerfully, and this seemed only the beginning of a journey of increasing awareness of the earth of which we are part.

The obliteration of such sensitivity by the microwave onslaught seems to me an unparalleled tragedy, and the infliction of all the New Testament, Revelations-like effects: the illnesses and scourges it bring, such as Alzheimer's, autism, DNA damage, cancers, immune damage, brain damage  etc., is hard to witness.

We should have been going in exactly the opposite direction in my opinion : towards greater intimacy and sensitivity and awareness. Instead we are being corralled into states of ever-diminishing awareness, risking producing a brutalised, severely damaged line of descendants, ever less able to see the way out of the maze constructed for them by their ancestors (us).

What would you like to see happen, and what would you like people to know?

I would like to see doctors and authorities and politicians have the courage and integrity to look with their own hearts, minds and eyes at the issue of emf and microwave safety, not the co-opted and corrupted conventional wisdom or professional advice, and drawing the proper conclusions.

I would like ordinary people to clear the web of lies that they have happily become trapped by and ask just why they ever  supposed these microwaves are safe.

I frequently talk to people who complain of tiredness or not being able to remember things, who live in close proximity to their 'phones or wifi .

Peoples' health seems to have nose-dived in recent years : you no longer need to look far to hear a horrific story about somebody's operation to cut this part out or that part, or how "they" are controlling this tumour, or controlling this diabetes, or that ADHD, this Crohn's, that IBS, that hyperactivity, etc. etc.
So many people now complain of ill health which is exactly the sort of thing these technologies are known to produce. But generally people just seem to accept their many and multiplying illnesses as if they were normal - and they do not want to hear that their beloved phones or tablets etc. may be making them sick.
I would like people to begin to listen, and to begin to listen to us "ES" people when we tell our stories, and to stop pretending that they know we are mentally ill or deluded or some other far-fetched rubbish.

I have only one friend (non ES) who takes my "ES" seriously. With everyone else I have to pretend there is not much of a problem because they love their devices so much that there would be trouble if I really expressed how I feel about them.

I would like to be properly heard by friends, people at large, doctors, so I can talk without fear of being stigmatised about exactly how emfs, and particularly microwaves, affect me.

I would like the courtesy afforded any other group experiencing difficulties in this world to be afforded me. I would like provision to be made for me - as radiation-free buses, trains, hotels, b and b's, concert halls, meeting places, libraries, parks etc.

I would like the lying shibboleth about me being the problem because of some "nocebo" effect or other psychological affliction to end. Such a position is unworthy of honest human beings with integrity and compassion.

 I would like the assumption that my particular sensitivity means I am defective physiologically if not psychologically to be properly examined with complete honesty and searing unwavering discernment, so that if there is a message there impugning the safety of these devices for ALL, the powerful need to find me to be the scapegoat for such an unwelcome outcome is not pandered to, as it is at present.

I would like to see affordable housing available for "ES" people like me. I would like to see the DSS and the government and the medical profession  recognising "ES" as a genuine condition caused by microwave and emf radiation.

I would like to see those who push baby monitors emitting a class 2b carcinogen, brought to book and prosecuted.

I would like to see governments apologising for lying about the effects of microwaves for decades, when they know full well, for instance, that their microwave weapons DO work.

I would like to see ministers responsible for bringing in the masts that enable mobile 'phones, and the smart meter programme - at the very least publicly shamed in the same sort of way as Jimmy Saville.

The same of course for all the professional disinformers who have worked for the industry, spreading untruths.

The evidence is there - in thousands of papers, in the EMF Scientists appeal to the UN, in the Bioinitiative Report - that these technologies are known to be far from safe.

The wilful ignorance of the medical profession, governments and authorities - on this subject, means our entire civilization is now ripe to be picked off and destroyed  by those who would irradiate the planet with these deadly radiations.

I would like to see people beginning to wake up, and acknowledge that they are here to be part of the earth, not slave-masterly controllers and dominators of it, and that their own bodies and the stories of people they know and people like me can show them very clearly the nature of these new radiations, and that they are destroying their own bodies and all life with their present course of action, and refusal to listen to people like us.


  1. Dear Sylvan, what you would like to see happen, and what you would like people to know reads like a prayer for our planet, may it be heard by everyone.

  2. Thank you for this important story.

  3. Sylvan, you have covered most of my own thoughts here. Beautifully written! I also feel isolated and am extremely angry at the way our government and health service is happy to lie to us.

  4. So beautifully said, thank you. I am also EHS and living in New York City of all places. It is a very challenging life but it has made me grateful for the things I do have like family and friends. I spend a lot of time in our home where it is fairly safe and am trying to change professions right now by going back to school part time in order to work in a field with less EMF exposure. I had to leave my work as a designer because it required being on a computer for 8 hours a day. Thank you for this blog.

    1. I am in Long Island. I do not know anyone in NY that understands EHS. My story here;

    2. Very well done. I posted my story on facebook

    3. Dear Bklynebeth. My name is Olga, I live in europe in the mouneens in something like house becouse of ES. My sister with her kids lives in NY (actually NJ) I would love to visit them but I am afraid as I can manage the flight badly but I can but 1 night in radiation kills me and NY is very far. Do you know a safe place there if I do not manage my sisters house? Maibee it is too direct but could I in emergancy case sleep at your place if I fiil to bad untill I can change the flight to go back? Sorry. maybe too direct.

    4. Hi Olga,-
      . I don't have anywhere to offer unfortunately. And I do not even live somewhere microwave-free. I am not living in a sanctuary just a village in England, far from New York and not free of microwaves, and it is not my place here where I am living- sorry, Best wishes, Sylvan.