Monday, 5 September 2016

Call for Awareness of Electrosensitivity

Call for Awareness of Electrosensitivity 

One of the people in the UK Electrosensitives group on Facebook has recently made this short video on electrosensitivity, and has put it up on Youtube.

We would like to establish an International EHS Association, run by, and for, people with electrosensitivity. Part of this will involve people like us telling our stories - whether in videos like this, or in blog posts.

There are so many of us "out there", and yet - for the most part - we are not heard, and our incapacitating conditions certainly aren't accommodated.

This must change, and I think that videos like this are an excellent way of raising awareness.

This is what the maker of this video said:

Hi all, here is an idea from our recent brainstorming coming to life. It requires your input now.

It was suggested that we create videos where everyone who knows EHS is true can have a say. You can

- tell your story and show the world what it is like to be EHS

- say how EHS impacts you and your life and how you feel


- just hold an image in front of you with a small piece of paper
saying I'm electrosensitive (no need to show your face if you don't want to).

The format is free and your creative juices can flow into theatre, songs, essays or other forms or presentation. Do what you feel comfortable with.

Please send your videos (about 1-5 min. length) to: 

with permission to upload it to our new Youtube channel:

When there are thousands of videos from all around the world, the world has to believe.

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